Episode 2973

Australian Air Date: 31st January 2001

Fisher accuses Alf of being selfish in his treatment of Duncan and Mitch. Brodie tells Mitch that she wants to take a break. Sally is taken aback when Brett kisses her. Jude continues to court Shauna.

Second appearance, last seen in #2958. Threatened Irene to sell-up.

Extended Summary

Sally called off her engagement to Luke after she and Brett kissed! Later on, Brett went over to apologise, but she had already called Luke to tell him it was over.
Brodie told Mitch they should have a break from each other. She got upset after he snapped at her when she was trying to cheer him up. When Mitch came to apologise for his behaviour, she said she wants to feel like she’s the best thing in his life, not another problem. He disagrees, but even so, they’re taking a break for a while.

Shauna and Jude have been getting on well. They had a lunch ‘date’ together. Vinnie caught Jude checking out the roster to see when Shauna was working. He said he’s keen but is trying to remain aloof and not push his luck.

Things have become so bad at the Stewarts’ that Shauna has asked Alf if Duncan can stay with her for a while. Duncan visited Shauna and told her things have deteriorated since Mitch moved out. When Shauna confronted Alf about it he got angry and spouted stuff about how he can look after his own family. Fisher also had a go at Alf.

Erin Flannery

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