Episode 2949

Australian Air Date: 9th November 2000

The Year Ten formal doesn’t go according to plan. Duncan and Nick’s muck up day prank has severe consequences. Rhys tries to accept that his eldest daughter is no longer a little girl.

Helped with the Summer Bay High formal preparations.

Extended Summary

Sally told Fisher that even though he was rarely thanked for his teaching roles, that a lot of students would never forget what a mentor and role model he has been.

Jade had a go at her father when he asked how her day was. She said, “Stop pretending to be interested in what I am doing”. She told him that he is spending every second with Kirsty.

Kirsty went skateboarding down a hill and when Jade found out that she fell into road works because of a sign which Nick and Duncan took, she went over and blew up at Nick!

Brodie and Dani weren’t going to go to the school formal with Will and Mitch after they found out that they carry a condom in their wallets…so they decided to go by themselves.

The School Formal is on and Mitch and Will spent the whole night chasing a reluctant Dani and Brodie. And after the formal they asked the boys to walk them home! They danced in the lounge room of the Sutherlands to make up for it!

Fisher told Judith that because of Sally he has re-thought the job as Principal. He feels that he needs a change. He is thinking about taking a teaching job overseas although Judith doesn’t think he could leave Summer Bay.

Sandy followed Shelley’s advice and called her grandparents. Her grandmother called her irresponsible and hung up on her.


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