Episode 1243

Australian Air Date: 26th May 1993
Writer: Greg Haddrick
Director: Grant Brown

Greg turns to another woman when things get tough at home. Luke is delighted when his intellectually handicapped brother is invited to school.

Extended Summary

Tug’s in the Diner showing Bobby the friendship ring he’s bought for Sarah and he’s off to give it to her as Greg comes in with a stack of Flyers, advertising his mechanical skills, in hope of getting a job.

Luke pleads his case to Fisher to allow Bill to start school but Fisher’s adamant it won’t work and the two part on bad terms, when Luke walks out. He goes round to see Roxy at home and they talk about it and think Fisher’s being short-sighted over the matter. They have things to do and as they leave, Ailsa is thanking Sarah for baby sitting a sick Duncan, so she can go and get his medicine and drop in at the Diner with some clean tea towels. She passes Tug on her way out and he gives Sarah the ring, declaring his love for her and although she loves it, she’s a bit overawed by it. He wants her to take a walk along the beach but she tells him she can’t at the moment and arranges to meet him later and as he leaves, she seems confused. Ailsa stops off at the Diner to apologise to Bobby for leaving her in the lurch but she’s happy to stay on and Ailsa rushes off, passing a sombre Fisher, sitting at the counter, reflecting on what he said to Luke. Bobby tries to cheer him up by saying Luke won’t hold it against him for his comment about the school not running a cr