Episode 1244

Australian Air Date: 27th May 1993
Writer: Greg Haddrick
Director: Grant Brown

Greg lies to Bobby to avoid another argument.

Extended Summary

It starts with Damian and Angel completing a 5K run, ending back at the caravan park and he’s pleased with his effort. They go inside and find Pippa and Michael there and when Angel comments on how he could do with a new pair of running shoes, Pippa wishes she could buy them but Michael reminds her they can’t afford them. Damian’s not at all bothered by it and changes the subject by asking how she’s getting on with Shane. She tells him they are keeping out of one another’s way and that’s the way she likes it.

Fisher takes some groceries over to Bobby’s, which she gratefully accepts and invites him to dinner but he can’t. She tells him she’s cooked something special because Greg’s made an effort to find work and deserves to be spoiled. What she doesn’t know is that Greg is with Fiona and appears relaxed with her, so much so, that he tells her about his family problems. He talks about the arguments between him and Bobby and then reflects that the same sort of thing happened with his parents and he swore he’d never let it happen to his kids but history seems to be repeating itself. Back home, Sam’s hungry and wants to have his meal now but Bobby tells him he’s got to wait until Greg returns. Greg is about to leave when the washing line breaks and he insist he’ll fix it before he goes. Having fixed the line, Greg makes his way home as Bobby is pacing the floor, wondering what’s happened to him.

Fisher has left instructions with Nick to get Shane and Angel to clean the kitchen from top to bottom as he’s found cockroaches earlier on and they’re not happy about it. With the meal over, Fisher goes over what’s to be done and leaves them to it. Nick comes in and to tell them he’s got a date at the Surf Club and jokes about if they really detest being in each other’s company, they should buckle down and get the work done, which Angel thinks is a good idea.

Michael goes over to the store to get some milk and gets into conversation with Ailsa about how Pippa is coping and he thinks she’s getting better. The one thing that’s troubling him is the cot is a constant reminder and thinks it should be removed but he hasn’t a clue how to do it without upsetting her. When he returns home, he’s picked up the post but keeps one to himself and when Damian jokes about it, he tells him it’s from the Funeral Directors. Pippa comes back downstairs and notices something’s amiss and when Damian goes off to the Pool Competition to see if he can win the top prize of 20 dollars, she asks Michael what’s going on. He reluctantly tells her about the bill for Dale’s funeral and she wishes he didn’t feel he had to hide things from her and they agree to no more secrets. But when she goes to the store later and tells Ailsa what they’ve decided, Ailsa thinks they’ve been talking about the cot, so when she asks what she’s going to do with it, Pippa is shocked.

When Greg finally arrives home, Bobby and Sam have eaten. She asks where’s he been and before he can answer, she smells beer on his breath and assumes he’s been down the pub. As he can’t tell her the truth, he makes up a cock and bull story about meeting Nick and couldn’t get away and she swallows it. After she reheats his meal, he helps with the washing up and when she says she’s forgiven him, he says he going out to deliver some more Flyers for work and won’t be long. Sam wants to go with him but he thinks he should go to bed because he’s got to be up early the next day and Bobby agrees. He goes off in search of Nick and calls on Fisher, only to find Nick’s out. Shane tells him he’s at the Surf Club and he leaves. They’re still working in the kitchen but disaster strikes when one of Fisher’s prized mugs is broken and they decide to replace it rather than tell him. For the first time, the hostilities between them seem to be forgotten. At the Surf Club Damian’s doing well and is chatting to Nick about it when Greg comes in and takes Nick to one side. He asks him to cover for him about being down the pub with him and goes on to explain where he was and that it was perfectly innocent. Nick thinks he’s wrong to lie to Bobby about it but Greg persuades him it won’t be a problem. Damian’s waiting for Nick, to play him in the next round but Nick’s trying to get his head round the problem Greg has put on him.

It ends with Nick reluctantly agreeing to cover for him but if the truth comes out, he’ll be on his own…

Avril M Harrison