Episode 1230

Australian Air Date: 7th May 1993
Writer: Mary Dagmar Davies
Director: Geoff Cawthorn

The residents of Summer Bay share Pippa and Michael’s loss on the day of Dale’s funeral.

Extended Summary

It the day before Dale’s funeral and the Ross family have just enjoyed the evening meal cooked by Fin, although Pippa apologises for not doing it justice. Sophie’s sent a card of condolence and Michael and Pippa are touched by her words and wishing she could be there. Before Damian goes to his room to do some homework, Pippa tells him and Fin that they don’t have to go to the funeral – it’s completely up to them but they tell her they have no intention of missing it and she thanks them. There’s a knock at the door and when Fin answers it, it’s Alf and Ailsa, laden with groceries. They come in and ask how they’re coping and Michael and Pippa both agree it helps when they have friends like them, helping them out.
Bobby’s working the late shift at the Diner and she’s moaning to Fisher about Greg over reacting to their money problems. So when he lets slip that Greg’s going out for a drink with Nick, she’s retorts that’s typical of him. He should be at home taking care of Sam, who’s enjoying himself playing the juke box in the background. Luke and Roxy come in and when Fisher asks how the mid-term reports are, Luke tells him he’s completed his but Roxy admits she’s still got to write up the summaries. When he mentions he had hoped to pick them up in the morning, it put Roxy in a quandary because she can’t do the summaries and go to the printers, at the same time. Luke sees her predicament and tells he he’ll go to the printers instead, which means she can get the summaries out on time.

After their night out, Greg goes back to Nick’s place with for coffee but the night hadn’t been a great success because Greg wasn’t in the mood. Nick listens as Greg pours out his heart to him. He hates fighting with Bobby, especially over money and he fears he’ll lose his job at the Boat Shed because Michael won’t be able to keep him on. He won’t sponge off his wife because he’s supposed to be the breadwinner. And if a man can’t provide for his family, he doesn’t add up to much in his opinion. He’s a proud man! He returns home and Sam comes out, asking for a drink of water. When Sam tells him Bobby doesn’t like him going down to the pub, Greg tells him she doesn’t really mind but Sam’s not convinced. When he says he thinks Bobby might go away because she’s upset, Greg asks him why he thinks that. He says that’s what his mother did and is afraid that he will walk out on them. Greg picks him up and assures him that he’ll never leave him and Bobby.

At the Stewart house, Imogen is still acting dumb over the missing shirt. As she helps keep Duncan amused with his building blocks, she asks Roxy if she’s found it yet and of course, she hasn’t but then Imogen knows that. Roxy’s busy with her summaries and when Alf and Ailsa return, she asks how Michael and Pippa are. Alf says their not too good and she takes a break, to go and make them a cup of tea. Alf picks ups Duncan and as they head for the dinning room, he turns to Ailsa and says it really does hits home, when something like this happens to someone you know. Imogen is tidying up in the living room and making sure no one is watching, she picks up the work Roxy’s been doing and takes it to her bedroom. Alf’s keeping Duncan amused because Ailsa’s decided to do some washing and she finds the missing shirt. She tells Roxy she found it in the bottom of the laundry basket and Roxy accepts she must have done it but she’s just happy to have found it. As Imogen looks smug, Roxy asks her if she happened to find two exams papers in the laundry because they’ve gone missing. But of course, she hasn’t and Imogen offers to help look for them but Roxy thinks they’ll turn up somewhere.

Just before going to bed, Pippa and Michael stand looking at Dale’s cot and reflect on the last day’s of his life. Michael remembers complaining about his crying keeping him awake at night and how he’d give anything to hear him crying now. Pippa puts her arm around him and they hug, without saying a word.

It’s the day of the funeral and Fin brings up a cup of tea for Pippa and Michael. Michael goes for a shower, leaving Fin and Pippa alone and they talk about how Dale’s death has affected them all.

Over at the beach house, Adam’s trying to make his peace with Greg but Greg doesn’t want to talk about it, so when Bobby comes in, Adam takes Sam off to the Stewarts, leaving them alone. Greg makes his peace with her and they are reconciled. Adam and Sam arrive at the Stewarts, as Alf’s frantically looking for his car keys, which Duncan is playing with. Alf leaves to go and pick up Pippa and Michael and as Adam leaves, Fisher arrives. Roxy’s in a turmoil over the missing papers and has to explain to him, what’s happened. He’s not pleased with her and tells her she should have phoned him because it’s been a wasted trip. As she sees him out, Imogen is taking great delight in seeing the aggro she’s causing her sister! Luke has returned with the tickets but Roxy still going on about the missing exam papers. Luke reckons they must still be at school and Imogen swiftly changes the subject to the tickets. He opens the package and flips when he sees the wrong date on them. Imogen says they can’t be because she was with Roxy when he gave her the dates, so Roxy goes to ring the printers, to find out how the mistake happened. But we know, don’t we! After the phone call, Luke blames Roxy for stuffing up and it turns into a full scale slanging match. He storms off, saying he’s going to try and sort out the mess, leaving Roxy standing there, livid, and Imogen very pleased with herself.

Back at the Ross house, they are waiting for Alf. As Pippa and Fin go upstairs, Damian apologises to Michael about not saying anything to him about Dale because he didn’t want to say the wrong thing. Michael thanks him and says he understands.

The funeral takes place and Alf gives the first reading. As the minister gives his, Alf and Michael lower the tiny white coffin into the grave, as Pippa looks on, in tears. The funeral over, Michael helps Pippa, and all the mourners, make their way home. Having picked Sam up from the Stewarts after the funeral, Fisher comes back with Bobby and Greg to the beach house. Bobby sends Sam off to make his bed, as the phones rings. Greg goes to answer it and it’s for him. As he talks, Bobby and Fisher reflect on how sad it was to see that little white coffin being lowered into a grave. Greg has some good news because that was his old boss from the trucking company who wants him to go back and work for him. Fisher can’t believe how insensitive he is because Michael’s going to want his support over the next couple of weeks and him walking out on him, would be an insult. But Greg doesn’t see it that way because in a couple of weeks he might not have a job and this could be the answers to his prayers. Bobby looks at him but says nothing!

It ends with Michael and Pippa talking about where Dale is now, as the sound of the waves can be heard in the background. She asks him to hold her and they walk slowly off…

Avril M Harrison

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