Episode 1229

Australian Air Date: 6th May 1993
Writer: Alister Webb
Director: Geoff Cawthorn

A jealous Tug ends his relationship with Sarah. Bobby is disturbed when Greg over-reacts to a small incident.

Extended Summary

Things are strained at the Ross house because of Dale’s passing and Damian admits to Finlay, he finds it hard to talk to Michael and Pippa because of it. Shane calls and asks Damian if he wants to go down to the beach for some footy practice. As they leave, Shane tells him that Angel’s agreed to stay, which he finds a hassle and Sarah has agreed to rehearse with him, whether Tug likes it or not. They stop off at the store for chocolate and Shane’s still going about Tug not getting his own way. They get into a conversation with Greg and Alf about the game and Shane is convinced they’re going to win. They leave as Greg tells Alf because Adam’s behind on his rent again, things are a bit tight but he’s grateful he’s still has a job at the boatshed, for the moment, at least. Alf reckons Michael will do better than he thinks, over the Sands Resort wash-up.

At the beach house, Sarah tries to convince Tug to go and see he Dad, despite the letter but he thinks he’s a creep and won’t change his mind. Adam talks to Bobby at the Diner about how low Tug is feeling and remembers how he used to argue with his own Dad when he was sixteen. Then he slips in that he can’t pay his rent yet and Bobby gives him a few more days and advices him not to tell Greg! Fin arrives to do her shift and asks if she can go home in the afternoon to help with the arrangements for Dale’s funeral. Bobby says okay and that she’ll cover for her.

Damian and Shane are given some tips by Adam at the Surf Club about taking penalties and they go down to the beach and put it into practice. When Tug strolls by, Shane wastes no time in telling him about Sarah changing her mind about doing the rehearsals with him. He’s livid and goes round to confront her. They argue and he accuses her of fancying Shane, which she denies but he won’t listen. He dumps her and storms off to the Surf Club and tells Adam about it. Adam reckons his Dad’s letter has effected him badly and breaking up with Sarah is not the answer. He tells him to go and talk to her but his pride won’t let him.

Nick goes into the Diner where Shane and Damian tell him about their secret weapon for winning the footy match – visualisation, and of course, he’s no idea what they’re talking about. Bobby leaves Fin

in charge whilst she pops home and the boys are still going on about beating the Yabbie Creek pansies! Two of Nick’s mates, Ricky and Brad, come in and he introduces them to Shane and Damian. When Nick tells them they play for the Yabbie Creek team, he asks if they can visualise that. They’re left speechless and when the two guys tell them about their performances on the field, they look worried.

Back home, Bobby has to come clean about Adam not paying his rent, when Greg asks for money to pay for the groceries. They start arguing about how tight things are and he could be out of a job within the week. Bobby doesn’t like arguing in front of Sam and apologises and when Greg says that if Adam is late with the rent again, he’s got to go. She agrees. When Sam asks for more food, Greg tells him to help himself because he’s lost his appetite and he storms out. He goes over to the Surf Club, where Michelle is chatting up Tug and confronts Adam about his lying. He tells him if he pulls another stunt like that again, he’s out. Adam tries to tell Tug not to get involved with Michelle but Tug tells him to butt out.

Sarah goes to the Diner, looking for Tug and when she sees Shane, she has a go at him for stirring it with Tug and tells Damian, he’s just as bad. She leaves but it has no affect on Shane, although Damian feels guilty. Bobby returns and lets Fin go home, to help with the preparations for the funeral. Damian tells Shane that Sarah’s right – he’s only doing the play, so he can get back at Tug for getting him sent to prison. He admits it’s true and there is no way he’s pulling out when it’s causing Tug grief and it’s too bad that Sarah’s caught in the middle. Besides, he’s doing her a favour, by stopping her getting mixed up with him! Adam comes in and talks to Bobby about Greg and apologises for the strife he’s caused and then give her some money.

Greg goes to collect the groceries from Alf’s store, bitterly complaining about being messed around by Adam. Nick comes in and asks if they would like to join him and his mates for a drink at the pub later, but Greg remarks, that he didn’t think his missus would like that, especially after the blue they’ve just had. He picks up the groceries and leaves. Nick and Alf talk about how tough if must be for Greg and Bobby, worrying about whether he’ll lose his job.

Down on the beach Sarah catches up with Tug and tries to convince him there is nothing going on between her and Shane but he’s not interested. When Michelle comes along and asks him to show her how to body surf, it upsets Sarah and she rushes off and Tug likes the reaction. Adam comes along and takes her back to the Surf Club and tells her everything will sort itself out. Tug’s behaviour has made her mind up and she’s going to do the play with Shane, whatever the consequences.

Back home, Greg is uptight about their financial position and has a go at Sam, Adam and Bobby and accuses them of not sharing his concerns.

It ends with him storming out and Bobby left standing there…

Avril M Harrison

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