Episode 1225

Australian Air Date: 30th April 1993
Writer: Sean Nash
Director: Grant Brown

It’s too late when Damian discovers Angel is innocent of arson charges. Shane’s latest plan to get Damian off the footy team backfires.

Extended Summary

Michelle, a student from school, tries to chat up Shane at Alf’s shop, but he’s not interested and leaves.

As Roxy and Luke share a romantic dinner, he tells her that Imogen is trying to come between them and they discuss what to do about it.

At the Diner, Nick and Ailsa talk about the funeral of little Dale. Sam comes in, followed by Shane, who wants to drop Tug from the football team because he’s causing problems for Damian.

Damian goes round to see Nick at home, to talk about the consequences of starting a fire at a school and then has to do some quick talking, when Nick and Fisher looked shocked. After he leaves, Fisher guess right, that Damian’s covering for Angel and Nick decides to try and track down her mother.

At the Surf Club, Shane arrives to find Michelle waiting for him and he decides to string her along and persuades her to show an interest in Damian, in the hope that he will pull out of the football team. When Damian comes in to open up the snack bar, Michelle starts chatting him up.

At the Stewart home, Ailsa and Roxy talk, as Imogen goes to answer the door and finds Luke there. She’s not happy when he tells her, that he’s asked Roxy to help. Thing don’t go well and when Luke insists she goes to the library to do some photocopying, she leaves in a huff. Luke and Roxy think they should have a talk to her when she returns, to clear the air.

Fisher goes to the Diner to collect Sam and as he talks to Ailsa about Angel’s past, the girl comes in and overhears the conversation about the school fire. She storms off to the Surf Club to confront Damian, just as Michelle is asking him to go on a date.

Imogen returns from the library in a bad mood and Luke leaves, so that the sisters can have a chat but Imogen is not in a forgiving mood.

Back at the Surf Club, Damian tells Shane he knows he set him up with Michelle, just as Nick comes in.

It ends with Nick taking Damian to one side and telling him that Angel and her pals did not cause the fire, so she’s not in trouble. So would he tell her, when he next sees her. Damian tells Nick that Angel has done a runner and he has no idea where she is.

Avril M Harrison

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