Irene is proud when Fin comes to terms with her dependency problem. Shane ruins Damian’s chances of making up with Sally.


Greg is forced to re-evaluate his feelings for Tug. Damian catches up with the girl who ripped Shane off.


A long-awaited letter from Blake brings bad news for Fin.


Pippa is shocked to find Fin packing for the city. Angel rejects the idea of being fostered.


Fin comes to terms with Blake’s betrayal. Shane is angry when he misses out on buying a motorcycle.


Hostilities between Luke and Roxy flare up again. Alf’s unexpected return from New York creates havoc in Summer Bay.


Adam and Shane go into partnership in the encyclopaedia sales field. Luke and Roxy overcome their differences.


Bobby agrees to Greg’s demand. A playful puppy causes trouble at the caravan park.


Bobby makes a last ditch appeal to Greg. Pippa is furious to discover that the dog has destroyed the family christening gown.


Shane’s plans to get back at Tug get off to a flying start. Dale is officially welcomed into the Ross family.


Feeling rejected and hurt, Angel turns on her friend Sally.


Michael decides to provide for his family after a near miss at the caravan park. Damian’s reputation is ruined when Shane betrays his confidence.


Michael’s business is in jeopardy when the Sands Resort goes broke. Damian takes desperate measures to ensure his popularity with girls.


Roxy’s jealous sister does her best to ruin her romance with Luke. A distressed Pippa blames her husband for her financial woes.

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An unemployed Angel comes up with a scheme to make some money. Imogen is bitter when her plans to seduce Luke backfire.

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Shane finds himself in debt due to Adam’s ineptitude.

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Tug finds it hard to keep his cool when Shane moves in on Sarah.

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A mishap with a bus leads to an afternoon of fun for Tug and Sarah. Little Dale is taken from the Ross household forever.

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Fin’s well-meaning gesture adds to Pippa and Michael’s grief. Tug saves Sarah from harm in the city.

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