Sally’s deceit leads to humiliation in front of her new friends. Tug makes a brave decision, but Sarah is convinced he’ll still fail his history essay.


Fisher is concerned at what might happen when Shane and Angel are quarantined together. Sally is determined to continue her romance with Craig.


Greg comes up with a plan to win back his wife. Adam is delighted when Michael makes his new business venture possible.


Luke isn’t impressed with Tug’s essay effort. Bobby is furious to discover that half the town knows of Greg’s reconciliation attempt.


Summer Bay’s favourite couple are reunited when Bobby commits herself to Greg again.


Shane blames Fisher when Angel takes a live-in housekeeping job which boarders on slave labour.


Greg and Bobby reach a momentous decision. Angel faces the grim reality that she may soon be back no the streets.


An accident could mean the end of Bobby and Greg’s happiness.


Bobby lies critically ill in hospital. Sarah and Roxy are stranded when their car breaks down.


Accusations fly as Bobby slips into a coma. Roxy and Sarah are rescued are rescued by an unusual knight in shining armour.


Gloria is furious when she discovers Sally’s deception. Greg refuses to believe that his wife may not pull through.


Sally’s selfishness leads to the loss of her best friend. Greg is furious to find his friends have given up hope for Bobby.


Summer Bay is in shock at the news of Bobby’s death.


Greg says his final goodbyes to his wife. Kevin has a run-in with Shane on his first day in Summer Bay.


Adam is faced with admitting he was instrumental in Bobby’s death. Alf pulls the plug on Angel and Damian’s business venture.


Greg goes into a rage when Adam admits responsibility for Bobby’s death. Despite Sarah’s best efforts, it seems Kevin will leave Summer Bay.


Adam bears the brunt of Summer Bay’s fury.


Pippa is furious to discover that she is harbouring Bobby’s killer. Ailsa has serious doubts about the new, improved Morag.


Summer Bay pays its last respects to Bobby.


Kevin makes an admission that will change his life. A bad school result makes Tug feel like a failure.

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