Adam breaks down as he contemplates life behind bars. Kevin is unhappy when he makes a killing with his paintings.


A mishap in the bush sparks a crisis of conscience for Kevin.


Kevin makes a snap decision when his conscience gets the better of him. Sarah’s new image proves too much.


Shane backs out of the painting business for the sake of his friendship with Kevin. Sarah comes to terms with herself.


Tug is furious to discover that Luke has been subsidising his board.


Donald makes a momentous decision regarding Sam’s future. Tug realises he won’t be able to make ends meet without a job.


Donald begins searching for possible homes for his grandson. Luke prevents Tug from making a drastic move.


Ailsa is horrified to learn that Morag has been offered custody of Sam.


Morag looks set to whisk Sam away, but Ailsa refuses to let the matter rest.


Irene makes a breakthrough with a depressed Adam. Tug decides to swallow his pride in the interests of getting a job.


Irene’s prodigal son arrives in Summer Bay fresh from prison. Tug throws in his job.


Ailsa searches for the evidence she needs to discredit Morag. Nathan tells his mother he’s a changed man.


Has Ailsa’s damning evidence come too late to keep Sam in Summer Bay? Adam sees through Nathan’s claims that he’s a changed man.


Angel is appalled by Shane’s attire at the ballet. Morag leaves town under a cloud. Sam’s future is decided.


A depressed Adam lashes out at Nick and Luke. Irene grovels to Michael for the sake of her favourite son.


Nathan vies with Tug for the cleaning job at the school. Nick helps Adam come to terms with the loss of Bobby.


Angel is forced to choose between Damian and Shane. Tug vies with Nathan for the job at the school.


Irene’s competitive streak causes havoc at the bowling green.


After a night of magic, Shane and Angel come down with a thud. Fin manages to overcome her setback.


Sarah neglects Nathan’s romantic overtures. Nathan befriends Tug in an attempt to win the job at school.

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