Irene makes a shock announcement about her future. Roxy’s old flame starts to get serious about blackmail.


Will Fin’s mother revert to her old form? Nick realises that the moment of truth has arrived.


Blake receives some news that causes Alf to cancel his travel plans. Shane is confident that he has called Nick’s bluff.


Shane can’t believe his brother has thrown him out on the street. Not everyone is pleased to see Karen back in Summer Bay.


Karen’s true feelings come to the surface. Roxy and Luke prepare for trouble.


Fin hears she’ll be working with Karen. Shane discovers that making it on his own is a cold, wet business.


Shane’s future suddenly looks a lot less bright. Luke has a plan to save Roxy’s reputation.


Luke and Blake join forces to save Roxy’s job. Karen takes advantage of Ailsa’s goodwill.


A belligerent Karen receives a final warning from Ailsa. Luke hides some disturbing news from Sarah.


Fin warns Karen not to drag Blake down into the gutter. Sarah discovers she’s been living on Bobby and Greg’s charity.


Tension between Karen and Fin boils over at the diner. A furious Shane tells Damian their friendship is over.


Sarah makes a supreme sacrifice through love for her father, and Shane loses his bed at the refuge.


Karen’s attitude finally pushes Ailsa too far. Shane swallows his pride and returns to the fold.


Adam slides back into town, full of dubious success stories. Blake is devastated when he discovers his sister has done a runner.


Blake prepares to make the hardest announce-ment of his life. Irene misses an important job interview.


Fin believes she is losing Blake forever. Shane accuses Fisher of trying to run his life.


Shane has a foolhardy plan to prove his status in town. Fin finally accepts Blake’s decision to follow his sister to the city.


Adam is furious when Greg ruins his plans to ingratiate himself with Bobby. Fin says goodbye to Blake.


Tug is bitter when he discovers that Adam has been using him. Sam’s saxophone practice causes tension at the beachhouse.


Adam is forced to admit that he’s used Tug. Roxy and Luke come up with an idea to have some fun in Summer Bay.

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