Ailsa is furious when Alf offers a $500 first prize in a bid to become president of the bowling club. Nathan wins the cleaning job.


Sam is welcomed into the Ross household. Alf becomes president of the bowling club.


Angel is worried when she realises that Shane’s masculinity crisis is far from over. A mysterious trunk arrives for Roxy.


Sarah is shocked when Nathan asks her out on a date. Luke declares his feelings for Roxy.


Angel is in danger when a thug breaks into the house. Despite opposition, Sarah and Nathan look like becoming an item.


Angel and Shane panic when they discover an intruder in the house. Nathan decides to use his younger brother to win Sarah’s affection.


Nathan’s dark side begins to emerge when Sarah dumps him. Shane is furious when the intruder escapes.


Tug is shocked to learn his father is back in town. Luke quits school when Nathan’s goading becomes too much.


Shane regrets his generosity when he wins the bowling tournament. Tug rejects his father’s attempts at reconciliation.


The stage is set for a reconciliation between Tug and his father. Donald is proud of Shane when he donates his winnings to the youth refuge.


Tug begins on the long road to reconciliation with his father. Michael is furious when Damian acts irresponsibly while under Nathan’s influence.


Michael becomes concerned as Nathan’s influence over Damian increases. Shane hurts Nick’s feelings when he turns down an offer of work experience.


Angel agrees to cover for Sarah so she can date Nathan. Irene decides to move out of the Ross house.


Tug lashes out at his father for driving his mother away. Luke learns he will have to fight to regain his job.


Tug is scared of being embarrassed by his father. Roxy hits it off with Luke’s new rival.


Roxy invites James to move in. Tug is furious with himself for driving his father away.


Sarah gives in to her emotions. Tensions between Michael and Damian continue to escalate.


Sarah faces a dilemma as her relationship with Nathan intensifies. Shane stirs things up at the police station.


Shane discovers a deep secret from Angel’s past. Angel is angry when she is drawn into Sarah’s cover story.


Shane confronts Angel with a shocking accusation. Nathan lays it on the line to Sarah.

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