Episode 621

Australian Air Date: 10th September 1990
Writer: Lois Booton
Director: Sean Nash

Carly discovers a way to buy a boatshed. Ailsa realises Karen is Steven’s anonymous admirer.

Owner of the Norfolk Boatshed

Extended Summary

Maz is outside the beach house and is upset. Matt comes by and Maz say Adam is in the house with a girl. Maz feel she have made a fool of herself.

Ben and Carly talks to Pippa about the jewellery brooch and how much it was worth.

Maz talks to Matt on beach. She explains to him about when she walked into her house and found Adam and the girl. She explains she planned a dinner for her and Adam. Matt tell her that it could be possible that Adam is at home with Sue just to make Maz jealous. Maz is doubtful.

Karen seems worried and Ailsa talks to her in Diner. Karen says that nothing is wrong.

Matt meet Adam and Sue. He tries to talk to Adam but Adam doesn’t have time.

Carly wants to sell the jewellery brooch to get money to buy the boatshed. But Pip and Ben say she should keep it as her grandmother wanted her to.

Karen talks to Sophie in Pippa’s house. Steven comes down from his room and says hello to Karen. She seems tense and worried of seeing him.

Steven and Sophie make fun of the one who wrote the love letter to Steven earlier. Karen feels bad and act as if she didn’t write it.

Sophie and Karen talks about the Romeo and Juliet play that they are doing in school.

Maz tell Matt that she is moving out of the beach house when she have found a place to live in. She feels so embarrassed about Adam. Matt tries to talk her around to stay in the beach house. She will stay in it. Matt is happy.

Matt and Adam talk. Adam likes Sue and thinks she is the best thing that has happened to him sort of. Matt tells him that Maz wasn’t impressed of Sue. Adam is interested to hear what she said. It is obvious that Adam really cares about Maz even though he pretends not to.

Pippa talks to Ailsa about Steven’s love letter that he got from a secret admirer. Karen comes in as they talk. Karen feels bad.

Ben and Carly goes to boatshed to check it out again. They walk there and look at it. They talk to the owner (Fred Owens) of it. They say they are interested to buy it but they can’t afford it. He shows them around the boatshed anyway.

Steven phones Alf’s house to talk to Karen. Ailsa answers. She say that Steven want to speak to Karen. Karen tells Ailsa to tell him that she is busy since she doesn’t want to talk to him. Steven says he will come over to drop off a study guide that she can use in the Romeo and Juliet studying. Karen gets worried and hurries outdoors. Ailsa is puzzled of her behaviour.

The owner of the boatshed (Fred Owens) try to get Carly and Ben to buy it but they say they can’t really afford it but that they would love to buy it if they could afford it.

They explain about the jewellery brooch they can’t sell etc. He gives them an idea of using the jewellery brooch as a guarantee for a bank loan. Ben and Carly is surprised and think it sound great.

Steven comes over to Alf’s house and gives the study guide to Ailsa after she explained that Karen was out.

Maz act as a perfectionist to Adam and is uptight at him. Adam gets uptight as well and they sort of argue of Sue and Vince (Adam’s girl and the guy who Maz dated a while ago).

Ben phones to see if they can use the jewellery brooch as guarantee (security) for a loan. A guy will turn up to check the jewellery brooch out. They will use the loan plus some savings so they can buy the boatshed. They are very excited.

Karen comes home again. Ailsa talks to her. Ailsa talks about crushes when she was younger etc. Ailsa think Karen wrote the love letter to Steven. She is convinced it is Karen in fact. Karen looks worried (Emotional music).

Ola Carlsson, 2000

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