Episode 622

Australian Air Date: 11th September 1990
Writer: Lois Booton
Director: Sean Nash

Karen becomes physically ill at the thought of being discovered as Steven’s secret admirer. Carly fears Bobby may be leading on an admirer.

Return episode, last seen in #549. Began a new romance with Bobby following her disastrous fling with Chris.
Geoff’s short-lived girlfriend, who was quickly dropped by him after running into Bobby again.
Second appearance, last seen in #516. Oversaw Carly and Ben’s application for the boat shed loan.

Extended Summary

Bobby and Carly talk in Diner while they are working. Bobby doesn’t think it is a really good idea that Ben and Carly will buy the boatshed since it will be a lot of hard work. Carly think it is a great idea but.

A guy Bobby dated a while ago (Geoff Lime) turns up in Diner and talks to Bobby.

Bobby is surprised to see him.

Ailsa talks to Karen. She denies writing the secret love letter to Steven. But she owns up after a while since Ailsa is convinced that she did write it. Karen feels bad since she is in love with Steven and that he don’t feel the same about her. (Emotional music plays).

Ailsa cheers her up but it doesn’t work so well. Karen is emotionally hurt. (Music plays).

Bobby talks more to Geoff in Diner. They have fun talking to each other. Carly think Geoff seem like a nice man. Geoff is dating someone else now. She comes into the Diner too. She looks like a bit too sexy girl. Carly and Bobby see her and have fun watching her and Geoff.

Ben talks to Fisher and Alf in Alf’s store about the boatshed. Alf think it is a great idea to buy it. Fisher is doubtful but Alf is convinced it would be good for Ben and Carly.

Blake talks to Karen. He asks questions about Sophie and if Sophie might have written the love letter to Steven. Karen is defensive and say no. Blake reckon if some school kids find out who wrote the letter the person will get heaps of trouble from school kids since the letter idea was so mushy kind of.

Ailsa tell Alf that Karen has a crush on Steven and that he doesn’t seem to notice her. Ailsa told Alf so he knows why Karen seems a bit touchy now.

At morning, Fisher is out to pick up newspaper in his garden. It has landed in the bushes! He is out in his robe and gets the newspaper. Bobby comes out to drive away in her car. Fisher talks to her. He wants her to join a small business association to get out and meet some more people. Bobby doesn’t seem interested.

Karen says she feels sick and she doesn’t want to go to school. She says it is her stomach and runs out of kitchen and throws up. Ailsa, Alf and Blake heard it. Blake thought she was just faking it at first but realised she wasn’t faking it when he heard her throwing up.

Ben and Carly talks to a businessman from a bank and talks about a loan and to use the jewellery brooch from her grandmother as a guarantee for the loan to be able to buy the boatshed. The man thinks it could be OK.

Karen is home from school. Ailsa write a note for Blake to give to Fisher to tell him what is wrong with Karen.

Ailsa talks to Alf. Ailsa reckon Karen is feeling sick due to tense nerves to meet Steven in school in case he find out that she did wrote the love letter.

Geoff buys a lot of stuff from Alf’s store for a party. Bobby meets him in Alf’s store. He talks to Alf about a party he will have today since it is his birthday. Bobby talks to him. His new date that he went out with didn’t seem to work out (Selena is her name). It was a girl in the dating agency (same as Bobby joined a while ago).

Geoff offers Bobby a lift home with her groceries (she have her car in a garage for the time being). She is thankful.

Fisher meets Geoff in Fisher’s house and says hello to him.

Geoff and Bobby decide to go on a picnic today to celebrate his birthday. She was doubtful at first but is OK with it now.

Ben and Carly have finished talking to the bank man. They will soon find out if everything is OK with the loan. The man thinks it would work out OK. Ben and Carly is excited.

Bobby and Carly talk. Carly find out that she will go on a picnic with Geoff today. (Emotional music plays).

Carly is excited. Bobby says it means nothing. It is just because it is his birthday.

Ola Carlsson, 2000

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