Episode 623

Australian Air Date: 12th September 1990
Writer: Sean Nash
Director: Sean Nash

Steven discovers the identity of his anonymous admirer. Alf’s cousin Jennifer arrives in town under mysterious circumstances.

First episode. Alf’s cousin. Steven’s love interest.

Extended Summary

Sophie talks to Steven in kitchen in Pippa’s house. Blake comes by and talks to them.

Blake asks Steven if Sophie have said anything about him. He seems to be interested in Sophie again.

Karen is home from school since she is feeling sick. Ailsa talks to her. She asks if Karen really is sick. Karen gets defensive. Ailsa say she might got sick due to worries about facing Steven in case he find out that she wrote the letter. She is scared she will get picked on. Karen admits that it is true and that’s why she is sick.

Some kids in school corridor tease Steven due to the love letter.

Blake gives Fisher the note from Karen that she is sick.

Steven heard from Alf that Maz had bought a lot of papers with same pink coloured papers with flowers on as in the secret love letter he got. Steven seems to think it is Maz who wrote the love letter!

Alf get a phone call from his cousin Jennifer. He is happy to hear from her. He talks to Ailsa about it. Jennifer will come to visit them.

Some school kids try to figure out who wrote Steven’s love letter. Steven is convinced it is Maz. Blake suspects Karen. Steven talks to the school kids who asked if the letter is from some bimbo. Steven says yes sort of and Blake get very angry since he thinks Steven is talking bad about Karen. Steven and Blake start a fight and Blake gets pushed into the school lockers very hard. Fisher breaks them up.

Fisher talks to Steven. Blake leaves school even though Fisher wants to talk to him. Fisher gets angry with Blake. Blake says some pretty nasty words to him.

Bobby and Geoff have picnic on beach. They have a good time. They drink and cheer to friendship. (Emotional music plays).

Blake is home and talks to Karen about if she wrote the letter. She is shocked and think Steven showed him the letter. He says the whole school saw it and that Steven said it was from a bimbo. She feels very bad. (Sad music).

Ailsa talks to Fisher. She finds out what Blake said to him. She is shocked. She hears from Steven that Blake freaked out due to the love letter.

Bobby and Geoff spend more time on beach. They walk around and talks.

Ailsa talks to Karen and Blake. Blake say some kids where making fun of Karen. She thinks it was right to defend Karen but no other kids really know that she wrote the letter. Blake gets a bit uptight and says that Ailsa isn’t their real mother (he got a bit angry when Ailsa suggested that Karen should talk it out with Steven). Ailsa admit she isn’t their mother but ever since they live under same roof they need to respect each other. And Ailsa wants Blake to apologise to Fisher.

Geoff follows Bobby home to Fisher’s house. They say goodbye after a good day together.

After Geoff has left, Fisher asks how things went for them together. Bobby says it was good. They will probably see each other again.

Steven talks to Ailsa. He finds out that Blake thought he was talking about Karen when Steven meant that Maz wrote the letter. Steven tells Ailsa that he thought it was Maz who wrote the letter. Ailsa is shocked and say the truth that Karen wrote the letter. Steven is very surprised.

Ailsa wants Steven to talk to Karen to sort things out. He is worried but say he will do it.

Steven sees Blake and Karen talking on beach. Blake is angry. Steven wants to talk to Karen. Steven explains that he wasn’t talking about Karen when he called the letter author a bimbo. Blake leaves them alone to talk.

Jennifer turns up in Summer Bay. Alf meet her in his store. She meets Fisher too. They all are very happy to see each other. (Fisher hasn’t seen Jennifer in about 8 years and 2 months!).

Steven talks to Karen on beach. He says nice things about Karen and that it wasn’t anything embarrassing about the letter. Steven explains to her that they can’t be an item. He thinks it is too big age difference. Karen seems a bit happy anyway.

Karen talks to Ailsa. Karen reckons it was her who told Steven to talk to her and sort things out. Karen say it worked out OK and that it is sorted out now. They are happy.

Jennifer talks to Bobby, Alf, Ailsa and Fisher etc in Diner. Alf want her to stay at his place.

At end of a conversation between them about her husband, Jennifer gets a bit tense and act a bit uptight. Alf and the rest are very surprised.

Ola Carlsson, 2000

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