Episode 624

Australian Air Date: 13th September 1990
Writer: Sean Nash
Director: Sean Nash

Jennifer reveals the reason for her sudden arrival in Summer Bay. Blake and Sophie confront an awkward issue.

Extended Summary

Fisher talks to Bobby about when Jennifer got so tense in Diner after questions about her husband.

Alf show Jennifer home to his house where she will stay for a while.

Fisher phones and asks if Jennifer would like to eat dinner tonight with Bobby and him. She says OK.

Blake meets Jennifer.

Blake talks to Fisher about when he had a fight with Steven in school. Blake will get punished for it and for what he said to Fisher. Blake apologises.

Alf tell Blake that he is proud of him for when he fronted up to Fisher to apologise.

Blake talks to Sophie in Alf’s store. He asks if she wants to play pool with him.

He thinks she can’t play any good and asks if he can learn her. She act surprised but plays along that she couldn’t play even though she can. (Tense music).

Sophie and Blake play pool. She acts as if she can’t play. He teaches her. She actually plays very good. He is very surprised.

Jennifer is over at Fisher’s house for dinner with Bobby and Fisher. Jennifer seems to have a lot on her mind.

Bobby and Fisher talk to her about how she is related to Alf etc. (Alf’s dad is her dad’s brother).

After a while Jennifer talks about how bad her marriage turned out. She shows a bruise on her chest. She used to get hit by her husband. Fisher and Bobby is shocked. (Emotional music).

Sophie and Blake continue to play pool in surf club. Sophie plays very good. After awhile when she is about to do a difficult shot, he means that most guys wouldn’t be able to make that shot so there’s no point of her to try. She get a bit angry since he mean that guys would be better pool players than girls.

She plays that shot and scores. And she scores in a lot of other balls to. She wins the pool game. Blake gets annoyed and they will play again! (Pretty funny scene).

Jennifer talks to Fisher and Bobby about her husband. He drinks a lot and hits her. He is a painter just like her but isn’t any good really and that makes him annoyed. They talk a lot about it. (Emotional music).

Blake and Sophie plays pool again and will play more since Blake can’t handle Sophie winning over him!

They talk about how Sophie learned to play pool that good. She was in a lot of pubs with her dad when she was younger and that’s how she learned to play so good. They play even more pool! (Bluesy music plays)

Sophie wins again. Sophie gives Blake a light kiss on his cheek.

She comes home and tell Pip how she “cleared the table” with Blake! Sophie think she might still be in love with Blake.

Blake still seems to like Sophie and he talks to Alf about sex. Blake isn’t that experienced and he thinks Sophie is. He feels a bit worried. Alf talks to him about it but feels a bit uncomfortable.

Sophie talks to Pip about how you know when you are in love with a person and she explains how it was when she fell in love with Tom. (Emotional music).

Blake and Alf talk some more about relationships.

Blake meets Sophie on beach. (Emotional music).

They talk. Blake asks her if they are meant to be going out together or what. Sophie says yes. They are happy!

They hold hands and walks on beach.

Ola Carlsson, 2000

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