Episode 625

Australian Air Date: 14th September 1990
Writer: Mary Dagmar Davies
Director: Sean Nash

Geoff’s mother wants Bobby to stay away from her son. Adam and Marilyn reach the point of no return.

Extended Summary

Breakfast at the Fletchers house. Carly is worried if Ben and her will get the bank loan or not.

Sally has a toothache when she eats breakfast. Pip wants her to go to a check-up by dentist but Sally doesn’t want to go to the dentist.

Adam is trying to fix a lawnmower he found in a shed. Matt talks to him. He is tired of Adam and Maz not getting on together.

A guy turn up at beach house and will turn off the electricity. Adam, Matt and Maz realise they didn’t pay the electricity bill. Maz was to pay the bill this time. Adam gets angry with her and they start arguing! Adam have his hands very dirty from working with the lawnmower manage to get dirt on both the table and the freezer!

Matt goes to Alf’s store to pay the electricity bill. The power will get back on after a while.

Sally tries to convince Pip that she don’t really need to go to dentist for now even though she probably have to. Pip says it is OK if it isn’t an emergency. Sally seems worried to go to the dentist.

Matt talks to Alf about Maz and Adam’s problems.

Sally get even more toothache. Pip realise it is her first cavity. Pip phones the dentist.

A woman comes into the Diner. It is Geoff’s mother .She talks to Bobby. She seems a bit overprotective of Geoff.

They talk about Geoff and Bobby. Geoff’s mother knows that Bobby is pregnant. She thinks she might be spending time with Geoff just to get a father for her child. Bobby say they are just friends.

Sally is very worried about going to the dentist.

Bobby visits Geoff out on his farm. He is surprised and happy to see her.

Adam used all the hot water when he took a shower so Maz can’t take a shower! She is angry with him and yells at him of course. They argue again.

Geoff shows Bobby around the farm. (Soft music plays). They have fun together.

Bobby tells him that she is pregnant and that his mother got the wrong idea about them. Bobby says she is only after friendship. Geoff understands that. Bobby told Geoff she would keep the baby. Geoff seems OK with the idea and is happy to be Bobby’s friend.

Maz is feeling down due to Adam. Alf try to cheer her up.

Bobby eats tea with Geoff and his mother. They talk and have a good time.

Bobby invites him over to her place for a meal. He accepts. His mum seems worried.

Bobby asks Carly if she and Ben can come as well to dinner with Geoff. Carly say OK.

Bobby invites Maz too. Maz is excited. Bobby thought Maz and Adam was an item but Maz told her that they aren’t.

The electricity is back in the beach house. Adam and Maz are relieved about that but they still can’t get on talking to each other and they start a small verbal fight again.

Carly get a phone call from the bank guy. Ben and Carly didn’t get the loan.

Carly is upset and talks to Pippa about it. Sally hears it. (Emotional music plays).

They didn’t get loan since apparently the jewellery brooch wasn’t enough as a guarantee (even though it was valued 11500 dollars).

Adam and Maz are tense towards each other but at end they realise they love each other sort of. Adam apologises for carrying on as an idiot. Maz yell at him and he kisses her just then. They both kiss in the end. (Long emotional scene with music).

Ola Carlsson, 2000

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