Episode 472

Australian Air Date: 13th February 1990
UK Air Date: 10th December 1990
Writer: Maureen Ann Moran
Director: Michael Sergi

Martin and Greta become great friends. Viv realises with Fisher unable to foster her, she must leave Summer Bay and her closest friend.

Extended Summary

Fisher, Bobby and Ailsa enter the house and Bobby doesn’t think Fisher should let the culprits get away with the graffiti on the house and car but Fisher says it’s just the beginning; he can’t expect people to treat him the same any more. He wonders if Viv will understand.

Sophie returns to the caravan with cereal and Al has a go at her because the milk is off. He is amused the Fisher is on the front page of the paper and the charge has been upped to murder. Sophie asks what if somebody else saw what really happened but Al says there was nobody else there. Sophie thinks they should leave town but after missing out on the money Al wants to stick around and watch Fisher squirm.

Bobby is washing the paint off the car when Celia arrives on her bike and is outraged. Bobby doesn’t think Fisher is ready for company yet but Celia says she is family.

Martin and Greta are nursing hangovers when Marilyn returns to the mobile home with a postcard from Lance. She is missing him like mad and has bought a card for him. She wants to try and write a poem.

Fisher has received another abusive phone call as Celia enters the house. She thinks he should take action against the vandals as they are real criminals unlike Fisher who is a victim of circumstance. She shows Fisher the paper and asks if there’s anything else she can do. Bobby hands her the car washing sponge!

Marilyn tells Greta she hasn’t seen Martin in such a good mood for ages and he hasn’t looked at another woman since she has been here. Martin arranges to meet Greta at the surf club to play pool after the lunch rush.

Steven complains to Tom about Fisher at Summer Bay; what will happen to Viv when he goes to jail? Viv returns from staying with her friend Sue last night and Steven breaks the news to her. Viv wonders how Fisher could have kept it to himself for so long. She worries that she will be sent away. She goes home and tells Fisher he’s a bigger hypocrite than her father. Steven tells Tom he doesn’t want to be pen pals with Viv; it will be the same as when Sandra Barlow was sent away. There’s got to be something he can do.

Martin is getting supplies from the surf club and telling Marilyn that Greta is a fantastic chick. Grant arrives, looking for a phone and Marilyn introduces herself to him. She offers to make him a hot dog but Grant is a vegetarian.

Viv meets Steven at the beach. She doesn’t know when she’ll be sent away but tells Steven she doesn’t want to leave him. Steven tells her he will think of something and they kiss. Returning home, Steven asks Tom to foster Viv but Tom says it’s too risky since he and Viv are seeing each other.

Viv comes into the surf club where Marilyn is crying over a book she’s reading. Greta beats Martin at pool and he gives her money. Martin goes to check out a girl, leaving Greta looking disappointed.

Celia is at the Diner, talking to Ailsa about the ladies’ auxiliary’s vandalism vigilante commission; she told them Fisher wouldn’t be in this mess if Al Simpson hadn’t come to Summer Bay. Viv comes in looking for Matt and asks Celia what she meant about Al Simpson. Celia tells her that he was blackmailing Fisher. Viv suddenly leaves.

Greta and Marilyn return to the mobile home. Greta is upset as Martin obviously just thinks of her as one of the boys.

Viv is at Al and Sophie’s caravan and wants to know Al’s side of the story. Al claims Fisher was blackmailing him to keep quiet. Tom and Steven are finishing dinner when Viv bursts in and says she can’t go back to Fisher’s house.

Guest Cast


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