Episode 463

Australian Air Date: 31st January 1990
UK Air Date: 27th November 1990
Writer: Alister Webb
Director: Tina Butler

Emma and her friends are in for a surprise. Fisher bows to the demands of Al Simpson.

Extended Summary

Viv is feeling bad for lying to Fisher about where she’s going. She and Emma leave for the party. At Summer Bay House, Carly is doing her makeup and Tom questions why she’s so dressed up for a date with Matt. Carly says she’s just doing him a favour. Matt arrives and questions why Carly isn’t in costume but she says it would be uncool.

The party is underway at Morag’s mansion. Steven is dressed up as a skeleton and Adam as Freddie Krueger. Viv and Emma are pleased with themselves for pulling it off. Emma says she can picture Alf with his feet up in front of the telly. However, at the Stewart house, Alf is putting the finishing touches to his costume. Celia is dressed as a witch with a mask and Andrew arrives as a headless man.

Al barges into Fisher’s house. He asks who Bobby’s mother is and Fisher tells him it’s none of his business. Al says his business is protecting people for things they did in the past and Fisher asks him what he wants.

Alf, Celia and Andrew arrive at Morag’s and hide as Matt and Carly arrive. Matt goes to get changed and Adam tells Carly she looks great. He says it’s great she and Matt are back together but Carly says they’re just friends. Emma appears, makes fun of Carly’s dress, and whisks Adam away, leaving Carly looking disappointed.

Fisher tells Al the shooting was an accident. Al asks him why he didn’t come clean to the cops. Fisher says he intended to but Barbara begged him not to. Al says it’s amazing how a single bad decision can come back to haunt you years later. Fisher asks him how much money he wants and Al says $10,000. Fisher says he doesn’t have that much but Al says it would be a shame for his career to go down the toilet and for Bobby to have another father locked up. He gives Fisher until tomorrow morning.

Matt is dressed as Frankenstein. Carly complains about the party being boring and Matt asks whose fault that is! Outside, Alf opens the fuse box and turns the power off and back on. Celia enters in disguise as a witch.

Bobby finds Fisher asleep on the couch surrounded by empty glasses.

Steven and Viv are kissing in one of the bedrooms when Celia comes in. They leave the room and Celia locks the door and calls out the window that it’s all clear. Downstairs, Carly asks Adam to a movie next week but Adam is noncommittal. Back upstairs, Andrew climbs in the window with a smoke machine.

Carly sees Adam and Emma come downstairs together and asks Matt to take her home. Matt has had enough and reveals he only invited Carly because Steven asked him to. Carly storms out. Alf keeps turning the power on and off and the headless man comes down the stairs, telling the kids they are not welcome here, while Celia makes noises upstairs. Everyone leaves when they realise nobody planned this.

Alf, Celia and Andrew are still congratulating themselves at the store the next morning when Emma arrives. She hasn’t slept well because of bad dreams. Celia invites her to another exorcism but Emma claims she has to babysit Duncan, and Alf lands her with the ironing as well.

Fisher has a bad head and apologises to Bobby for making a fool of himself last night. Bobby tells him he was raving about Shane Wilson and Fisher blames it on having been at the cemetery. They discuss how the culprit was never found and Bobby asks what kind of mongrel would shoot a kid… he should be strung up.

Carly isn’t happy with Steven for setting her up with Matt but he says she might have enjoyed it if she’d joined in. Tom isn’t impressed that they went to a party. Carly complains about all the dating being puerile but Tom reminds her boy-chasing was her favourite sport not long ago. Carly asks where it got her and Tom says it’s called growing up.

Fisher walks along the beach and has a flashback to himself shooting at a rabbit and then finding Shane Wilson’s body. He hears Al’s voice in his head and goes to his caravan. He tells Al he will have to organise a loan; he needs at least a week. Al wants something up front and Fisher gives him $200. Al tells him not to make it any longer than a week.

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