Episode 462

Australian Air Date: 30th January 1990
UK Air Date: 26th November 1990
Writer: Susan Hore
Director: Tina Butler

Carly receives an unexpected invitation. Al reveals his true colours.

Extended Summary

Al isn’t impressed with his meagre dinner and accuses Sophie of not working hard enough. Sophie tells him he drank $20 last night, and there are only so many people she can rip off. Al says he was better off in prison so Sophie tells him to go back. Al grabs her and demands some respect. Tom comes looking for the rent money and Al asks if he can pay him tomorrow.

Tom returns to the house. Steven and Carly are making dinner but tell Tom they will be out tomorrow night, lying about where they will be. With Tom out of earshot, Carly asks Steven if he’s thought of anyone she can go to the party with; she’s not desperate enough to ask somebody herself.

Andrew arrives at the store and tells Alf he saw Adam and Emma leaving Morag’s mansion and found their recordings of ghost sounds. Alf says he’ll talk to Emma but Andrew suggests giving them a bit more rope; that way they will find out the full story.

The following morning, Carly has made a list of names of guys she can ask to the party. Steven says this is a turnaround from last night and thinks she wants to make Adam jealous. Carly says she is top shelf material and if Adam wants to shop around in the bargain basement that’s his problem!

Matt, Adam and Emma are getting the mansion ready for the party. Adam asks Matt who he’s bringing but Matt says the place will be full of chicks; why take a sandwich to a banquet? Adam can think of a reason and kisses Emma.

Sophie comes back from the shower and Al asks her if she’s ready to hit the streets. Sophie says if he went on the dole she could have a few days off but Al is too proud; he’s never been on the dole in his life. He promises Sophie it won’t be forever. Sophie says she thought Fisher was going to be their Santa Claus but Al wants him to sweat for a bit longer. Sophie doesn’t want to go out but Al tells her to do as she’s told. Later, Al watches as Sophie scams some money from a woman. Sophie feels guilty but Al tells her to keep at it, if not for herself then for him; he’s all she’s got.

Viv and Emma are at the store buying a load of supplies for decorations and tell Alf it’s for a school project. Alf says he’ll have to have words with Fisher about how much they’re spending. They claim they’re spending extra to win the prize… but they don’t know what it is! Matt then buys a load of food, drink and coloured light bulbs. Alf asks if he gets an invite and Matt panics.

Carly is making phone calls and runs out of guys to ask to the party. She doesn’t want people to think she’s jealous of Adam and Emma by not going. Steven asks why she doesn’t just come with him and Viv, and asks who cares what people say. Carly says she cares and storms off.

Sophie introduces herself to Matt at the Diner and they flirt. Steven comes in and wants to talk to Matt so Matt gives Sophie some money to buy another milkshake while she waits. Steven tries to get Matt to take Carly to the party, claiming they owe her because she did the right thing by Adam and Adam is their mate! Matt agrees to take her but may not stay with her all night. Sophie has disappeared with the money.

Andrew plays the ghost sounds to Celia at the mansion and she feels foolish. She wants to put a stop to the party but Andrew tells her it would be more fun to get revenge.

Sophie is giving a man in a car a sob story about losing the money she needed to buy some meat. Chris Hale appears and tells Mr Stevens to keep his money. The butcher tells Chris that Sophie has been trying the same thing for a couple of days. Chris takes Sophie back to the caravan and tells Al that Sophie has been exploiting people. Al pretends to know nothing about it. Chris lets Sophie off with a warning so long as she is properly supervised from now on. Chris leaves and Al calls Sophie a stupid bitch!

Back at the Diner Matt invites Carly to the party and she accepts.

Celia arrives at Alf’s and wonders if she’s lost control of her senses listening to Andrew. She wonders what he’s got planned. Andrew arrives with a box of costumes and tells Celia they’re going dancing at the monster mash!

Al makes excuses to Tom for not having the rent money. Tom isn’t happy but gives him another 24 hours. Steven comes home and asks Tom what happens if Al takes off. Tom says he’d be out of pocket but relieved. There’s something about that bloke… In the caravan, Sophie asks Al why they don’t just split. Al asks her if she’s forgotten about Fisher. It’s time to move in for the kill.

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