Episode 461

Australian Air Date: 29th January 1990
UK Air Date: 23rd November 1990
Writer: Susan Hore
Director: Tina Butler

Andrew Foley makes a discovery at Morag’s deserted house. Fisher is plagued by recollections of the past.

Extended Summary

At the Stewart house, Adam and Emma are watching a scary movie. Emma flinches when he touches her and, although she hides her face in his shoulder and asks him to stay with her, doesn’t want to get cosy or stop watching the movie, reminding him she’s babysitting Duncan. She is nervous about the exorcism in case Celia summons up a ghost. Adam offers to go along and hide upstairs in case anything happens. Emma is grateful enough to let him kiss her.

Bobby and Viv wonder about Fisher going out for a walk and his attitude towards Al. Fisher arrives home and tells them he doesn’t want either of them going near Al or even Sophie, who he feels has been corrupted by Al’s influence. At the caravan park house, Carly is channel hopping while Tom tries to do the books. Tom tells her and Steven that he needs them to help out while Pippa’s away; he wants Steven to help him run the caravan park while Carly helps out around the house. Although she acknowledges she doesn’t want Steven doing her laundry, Carly is annoyed at being expected to cook and clean because she’s the woman and storms upstairs. Steven tells Tom that Carly’s broken up with Adam and they recognise there’s going to be an awkward few days ahead.

Next morning, Bobby and Viv wonder about Fisher’s behaviour the previous night. Bobby thinks Fisher is just worried about her. Fisher is down at the cemetery. He looks at Alan’s plaque and then the plaque of Shane Wilson. He has a brief mental flash of a gun being fired. Matt arrives; Shane was his brother. He recalls that Fisher taught him and Fisher says he was promising. Matt agrees; he had brains and was good at sports and Matt wanted to be just like him, then the shooting happened. As they walk together, Matt notes that his parents fell apart in the aftermath and he finds himself missing Shane more as he thinks about how they could have grown up together and what Shane could have done with himself and he sometimes wishes he could have gone with him. Fisher tells him it’s all right to miss him but Matt shouldn’t feel guilty that he’s alive and Shane isn’t before saying his goodbyes.

Carly is on her way out to work and tells Tom that she has finished the laundry and cleaned the dishes and the bathroom. Tom tries to talk to her about Adam but she says that she was the one who broke it off. Tom points out she’s still acting upset and, when Carly isn’t interested in talking, tells her to either discuss her problem or deal with it but not to take it out on the rest of them. At the mansion, a nervous looking Emma is holding a candle, with more dotted around the room, while Celia reads incantations from a book. A couple, the Thompsons, arrive to view the house but Celia tells them it isn’t for sale and they beat a hasty retreat. Celia hopes the ghost hasn’t been scared off and is relieved when she hears noises from upstairs, saying they have to begin again.

Matt arrives at the Diner and tells Bobby and Steven he saw Fisher at the cemetery. Steven wonders what Matt was doing there and Matt tells him about Shane. Bobby remembers him and how all the girls at school flocked around him like he was Tom Cruise. Matt says Shane was shot and his body found in the creek and they never found out who did it. At the mansion, Celia has finished her exorcism and tells Emma that she’ll contact the estate agents and tell them to put the house back on the market. Emma hastily tells her that the house will need time to settle, like if it had been fumigated. Although bemused, Celia agrees to close the place down for a week and not allow anyone near it. Later, Emma meets Adam at the Diner and they celebrate having the place to themselves. Emma thanks him for being there. Adam says he didn’t make it since he was needed at the surf club. Emma is momentarily shocked, wondering who made the noises upstairs, until she realises Adam is joking. Carly is glaring at the pair from the counter and Bobby asks her to take their order over. When Carly tries to come up with an excuse not to, Bobby tells her she’s obviously got a problem with them and takes the order over herself.

At the store, Andrew is doing his shopping when Alf comments on how Celia’s never there: She’s always at the church or the library or Morag’s place. Andrew jokes about her taking on the Bellingham ghost but then begins to wonder if maybe that is what’s happening. Alf recalls Celia took Emma down there and wonders if she’s dragged her into something but Andrew says Emma wouldn’t go along unless there was something in it for her. Adam and Emma exit the mansion, making plans for the party and how they’ll contact Steven and Viv to help. After they’re gone, Andrew emerges from behind a tree.

Steven is getting ready for a run when Carly comes home. Steven tries to talk to her about Adam. Carly is a bit sore about Adam preferring a schoolgirl to her but says the real problem is that she doesn’t have a date for the party and can’t go by herself. Steven says Martin would take her but Carly says she’d rather go by herself. Steven says he’ll try and think of someone better. Meanwhile, Andrew clambers into the mansion through the window. Noticing the cupboard open, he checks it and finds a tape deck, which plays a recording of groaning and distorted voices.

Fisher goes to the Diner and asks Bobby if she can bring something home for dinner since it’s just the two of them. Bobby tells him he shouldn’t worry about Al, who’ll probably take off soon. Later, Fisher is sitting at home alone. He has another flashback, of himself firing a gun and then finding Shane’s body. He says he’s so sorry.

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