Episode 460

Australian Air Date: 25th January 1990
UK Air Date: 22nd November 1990
Writer: John Hugginson
Director: Michael Ailwood

Celia and Emma converge on the local church. Fisher comes face to face with a past he’d rather forget.

Extended Summary

At the mobile home Marilyn is planning to try and find Martin a girlfriend. Lance is still worried Martin fancies Marilyn but Marilyn threatens to break off their engagement if Lance doesn’t apologise to him.

Tom is on the exercise bike when Fisher comes to the house to ask if it’s a good idea letting Al Simpson stay at the caravan park. Tom says he’s spoken to Bobby and she doesn’t care. Fisher says criminals like him never change and thinks Tom should evict him. Tom is getting irritated and says he can stay so long as he pays his rent and leaves Bobby alone. In their caravan, Al tells Sophie to try to befriend Bobby. Sophie wonders what Al has got on Fisher. Al says he knows more about him than most.

Lance finds Martin at the Diner and when Martin eventually lets him get a word in they make up. Sophie arrives tries to make small talk with Bobby but Bobby is abrupt.

Celia is still trying to enlist Emma to help with the exorcism. Emma recommends leaving it a week and she will realise the ghost was all in her head but Celia has a flask to go and collect some holy water from the church! Alf comes home and asks what’s this about going to the church. Celia says Emma has graciously offered to help her polish the brass.

Sophie is still getting nowhere with Bobby who ends up telling her to get out. Ailsa tells Bobby she has every right to hate Al but not Sophie; has she forgotten what it was like to be on the outside? Bobby calls Sophie back and they have a chat. Sophie can hardly remember her mother who abandoned her in foster homes. She has been on the road with Al for the last year. She doesn’t go to school because Al says she’ll learn from the school of hard knocks. Bobby says he gave her plenty of those but Sophie says he hasn’t mistreated her.

Lance is back home and Marilyn is pleased he and Martin are mates again. She has thought of someone she thinks will be perfect for Martin. Martin arrives home but refuses to go on a blind date with Marilyn’s friend who is probably a tire biter. Marilyn is offended and tells Martin she’s a very nice person.

Celia and Emma enter the church and Celia puts some water from the font in her flask. Reverend Flowers appears and Celia jumps and drops the flask. She says they are here to polish the brass.

At the Diner, Ailsa is sounding Bobby out on how she would feel if Al sticks around. As far as Bobby’s concerned he doesn’t exist. Marilyn and Lance are there and Marilyn can’t understand why Martin doesn’t want a girlfriend. She asks Lance to try and change his mind. Just then her friend Sonya arrives. She dresses and talks like Marilyn. Lance is clearly impressed and can’t leave quickly enough to talk to Martin.

Celia and Emma are polishing the brass and Celia asks Emma to try and find something to put the holy water in since the flask smashed. Emma finds an empty gin bottle outside and Celia fills it up from the font. Reverend Flowers catches Celia with the bottle and is disgusted. He tells Celia in future to do her drinking in her own home!

Lance arrives home and tells Martin that Marilyn’s friend is gorgeous; movie star material… ten out of ten… the best… almost as good as Marilyn!

Al paying to stay on in the caravan. Tom tells him that he and Pippa fostered Bobby. Al says he’s not here to cause Bobby grief; he just wants to start afresh and make the most of his second chance with Sophie. He asks if Bobby still lives here but Tom tells him she lives with her father Donald Fisher, which Al is interested to learn.

Marilyn puts the phone down and tells Lance the blind date is all arranged. She says it must have been hard to change Martin’s mind but Lance says it was easy once he told him what Sonya looks like. Marilyn says Sonya is “married with kids… and a husband”! It’s her friend Greta she’s lined Martin up with. She wouldn’t call her good looking but she’s got a lovely personality! Lance thinks Martin is going to kill him.

Sophie returns to the caravan. Al suspects she’s been “working” and grabs her arm, making her hand over the cash. He tells Sophie to get some grub on as he’s hungry and tells her about Fisher being Bobby’s father. This puts more pressure on him…

Fisher pulls an old newspaper out of his desk. The headline reads, “Youth Shot Dead in Bush – Police Remain Baffled”. He looks troubled.

Guest Cast