Episode 459

Australian Air Date: 24th January 1990
UK Air Date: 21st November 1990
Writer: Greg Stevens
Director: Michael Ailwood

Lance reveals to Marilyn the cause of his recent strange behaviour. Fisher is more than reasonably disturbed by the appearance of Al Simpson in Summer Bay.

Extended Summary

At the store, Celia tells Tom about Al being back in town. Tom asks if he had a 15-year-old girl with him and realises he’s staying at the caravan park. He recalls that the last time Bobby saw him he was in jail, when she found out she was adopted. Celia gives her opinion that the stress of Al’s actions led to his wife Doris’ death from cancer and that he’s up to no good. At the Diner, Sophie comments to Al on how Bobby wasn’t pleased to see him and Al notes she’d have reacted worse a few years ago. Bobby points Al out to Ailsa and brings his order over but tells him she isn’t interested in talking and he can leave when he’s finished eating. Al asks if she wants to meet her foster sister: Bobby was technically his foster daughter but Sophie’s his flesh and blood. Bobby wonders why she was never told she had a sister and Al explains no-one knew about her, not even Doris: Sophie’s mother was one of his girlfriends. Bobby tells Sophie that being like Al is nothing to be proud of. After she’s gone, Sophie tells Al that he doesn’t usually let people talk to him like that but Al says Bobby’s different because she’s come into money.

Down on the beach, Sally comes out of the water wearing her swimming costume and tries to get Lance to go for a swim, since she’s realised he’s unhappy. Lance tells her that Martin’s after Marilyn and he thinks if he gets her alone he’ll be able to charm her, so he’s going to keep them apart.

Al pays his bill at the Diner, with Bobby commenting she thought he’d be after a free meal. Ailsa and Al make small talk but Bobby can’t resist aiming a few snarky comments at him. She and Sophie square up to each other but Al calms them down before they leave. Ailsa thinks Al is pleasant but Bobby says he’s nothing to her. Back at the caravan, Sophie still thinks she should have had a go at Bobby but Al says he needs Sophie to make friends with her. Sophie wants to leave town, since they won’t get much from Bobby even if they do get her onside, but Al says there are more ways to make money in Summer Bay than she can imagine. Back home, Bobby tells Fisher about Al’s return, saying she doesn’t want to have anything to do with him and doesn’t trust Sophie. Fisher seems even more upset than her and Bobby tells him Al probably doesn’t even remember him. Fisher echoes the sentiment that he’d have no reason to but his tone suggests otherwise.

At the store, Emma is looking at the centrefold in a magazine when Celia asks her about the ghost. She isn’t happy about selling a haunted house and wants to get rid of the ghost before anyone moves in. She’s going to ask Reverend Flowers to perform an exorcism and, despite Emma’s attempts to dissuade her, wants Emma to come with her to see him and tell him they’ve both seen the ghost. Andrew is nearby buying some spaghetti and wonders what they’re plotting but they keep quiet. Meanwhile, Fisher goes to the Diner as Ailsa is clearing up and talks to her about Al. Ailsa thinks he might have gone straight, pointing out he’s taken responsibility for his daughter, but Fisher protests that he abused Bobby for years. Ailsa thinks Bobby can fight her own battles but Fisher wants Al to leave town.

Next morning, Marilyn finds Sophie walking up and down by the road, looking for something. She says she’s lost $10 and panics that her father will kill her if she doesn’t find it. Marilyn offers her a $10 note and, after a brief protest, Sophie accepts it, thanking her. She heads round the corner where Al is waiting and gives him the money. He says they’ll head somewhere else and find another sucker. Marilyn arrives at the hot dog stand and is surprised to find Lance there. He says he changed the roster so Martin won’t be on until later, when Marilyn isn’t. Marilyn wonders what the problem is but Lance won’t say. Meanwhile, Sally storms into the mobile home and has a go at Martin, who’s trying to eat his breakfast, for trying to steal Marilyn off Lance. Martin insists he isn’t but Sally bends his spoon and says if he tries anything he’ll end up like it.

Celia and Emma talk to Flowers outside the church but he says there’s no such things as ghosts and, when Celia mentions the Holy Ghost, accuses her of using blasphemy. He says an exorcism like she’s suggesting is close to black magic and dangerous and walks off. Emma thinks they should forget it but Celia says desperate times call for desperate measures. Emma looks pained. Later, at the store, Andrew finds Celia reading a book on the occult and tells her there’s no such thing as ghosts. Celia disagrees.

At the Diner, Adam encourages Emma to go along with Celia’s exorcism, saying it will be a laugh. Tom arrives and tells Bobby that Al’s staying at the caravan park and he can get rid of him if she wants. Bobby says it’s not a problem for her. Ailsa mentions that Fisher is eager to get rid of him and wonders if he’s jealous of another father figure. Sophie arrives back at the caravan where Al has been drinking and gives him the money she’s scammed. She protests they can’t keep pulling the same trick but Al assures her they’ll get a visit soon that will make them real money.

Lance and Marilyn arrive back at the mobile home. Marilyn is unhappy about leaving Martin to cope with the lunchtime rush on his own and thinks she should go back and help him. Lance tells her to stay away from him. Marilyn demands to know what’s going on so Lance tells her that Martin fancies her and is trying to break them up. Marilyn thinks Martin is just jealous of their relationship and worried about losing Lance as a friend. She decides Martin needs a girlfriend and they have to find him one.

At the caravan, Sophie has made lunch. Al comments that her last foster family taught her to cook. Sophie observes that, even though she’s now living with Al, she’s still washing dishes and making the bed but Al insists she’s better off with him and they’re all each other has. Fisher arrives and asks to speak to Al in private but Al says he’s got no secrets from Sophie. Fisher tells him he’s not going to go through what he went through before and leaves. Sophie wonders what it was about and Al tells her Fisher is their meal ticket for as long as they want.

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