Episode 464

Australian Air Date: 1st February 1990
UK Air Date: 28th November 1990
Writer: Alister Webb
Director: Tina Butler

Sally is the victim of an anatomical improbability. Al concocts a devious plan to fill his coffers with yet more ill gotten gains.

Extended Summary

Bobby finds Sophie sitting on the beach. Sophie notes the view’s beautiful. She asks Bobby if she can walk with her and wonders if she knows of any history between Al and Fisher but Bobby can’t think of anything. Bobby encourages Sophie to get away from Al but Sophie says Al needs her and they’re a team. Bobby tells Sophie to go because Al wouldn’t be happy seeing them together. Sophie goes to the caravan and tells Al she was making friends with Bobby like he told her but Al is annoyed that she hasn’t made his breakfast. He tells her Fisher came round and gave him some money. Sophie tells him they’re out of tea and he spent all their money on booze. Al notes it’s good she’s made a friend because it’s times like this you need one.

Martin and Lance are walking to the hot dog stand with supplies. Martin is looking forward to meeting Greta; from the name he is imagining her to be rich and beautiful and thinks he’ll soon be living in her luxury apartment. Lance tries to convince him it might not be like that. Marilyn overhears the tail end of their conversation as they arrive at the stand and is pleased Martin seems keen to meet Greta. Meanwhile, Steven is tinkering with a metal detector when Sally arrives home and wipes her mouth. She says Kim’s friend Peter kissed her. Steven thought she liked him but Sally doesn’t seem to have enjoyed the kiss and is worried she might get pregnant; Kim’s mother said you can get pregnant from a kiss and she’s had three babies. Steven plays along with the misconception, wondering if Sally managed to get rid of the kiss before it got into her blood stream.

Bobby tells Ailsa about how she found Fisher passed out drunk. Sophie arrives at the Diner and asks Bobby if she can have a part-time job. Bobby says they don’t need anyone. Sophie would be happy with a couple of hours at lunch time but Bobby says they can handle it and realises Al has put her up to it and refuses to play along, although she stresses she’s nothing against Sophie. Back at the caravan, Al berates Sophie, saying it’s no point befriending Bobby if she can’t get anything from her. Sophie tells him that Bobby realised it was his idea and thought he should get a job. Al takes Sophie back to the Diner and tells Bobby that he’s having a difficult time finding a job because of his record. Bobby says Sophie should have an education and, when Al tells her to prove she likes Sophie by giving her a job, retorts that you don’t need to prove you’re someone’s friend. When Ailsa interrupts them, Al leaves. Sophie hesitates for a bit before following him.

Carly arrives home with the groceries. Sally notes she’s eating chocolate and Carly says she doesn’t care how she looks now she realises there’s more to life than boys. Sally says Peter Jenkins kissed her and Carly jokes that that leads to wedding bells. Sally is horrified at the prospect of being forced to marry Peter. Later, Tom finds Sally pigging out on biscuits. She says she’s letting herself go and she’s never going to get married, before running off leaving him bemused.

Martin serves Al and Sophie at the hot dog stand. Sophie wonders how Al can afford it but he says he’d put some money by for a rainy day. Carly is also served but when Martin asks what girls find attractive about him she can’t think of anything. Al and Sophie go for a walk on the beach. Al thinks there’s too much mustard on his hot dog and throws it to the ground in disgust, saying he can see why he got out of Summer Bay. Sophie picks it up and says she’s starting to like it there. Al thinks that’s Bobby’s influence and tells Sophie if he sees her near Bobby again she’ll end up like the hot dog.

Lance finds Sally sitting on her own and she asks him about women having babies. Lance suggests she talk to Pippa about it but Sally reminds him she’s away. Lance says he only knows enough to be glad he’s not a woman, telling her about feeling nauseous, getting fat and stretch marks, but assures her she won’t have to worry about that for a while. Sally tells him he doesn’t know anything and, when he confirms that he kisses Marilyn, says he’s just as bad as Peter and she hates boys, storming off. Later, at the mobile home, Lance again tries to convince Martin that Greta might not be what he thinks and worries that Martin might think he’s tricked him. Martin, not really understanding, tells Lance that they’ll always be mates and he’ll never forget Lance was the one who set him up.

Ailsa tells Bobby that they could afford to give Sophie a job but Bobby doesn’t want Sophie doing what Al wants, she should get away from him like Bobby did. Ailsa says Bobby forcing the issue doesn’t guarantee Sophie will run away from Al, whereas if she gives her a job Sophie will have a life away from him. Bobby goes to see Sophie at the caravan and offers her the job. Sophie is uncertain but Al accepts and Bobby tells Sophie to be there at four o’clock. After Bobby has gone, Sophie reminds Al he didn’t want her hanging around Bobby but Al says now he does.

At the mobile home, Marilyn shocks Lance by telling him she wants him to track down his dad and invite him to the wedding. Lance is horrified at the idea, saying it won’t be fair on Colleen since his dad might bring his new woman and he doesn’t know where he is anyway. Marilyn thinks he’s heartless, wondering if he’ll be the same with their children, and says that since her parents are dead and can’t be there she wants both of his there.

Tom finds Sally crying in the front room but she runs out when he tries to talk to her about it. Later, Tom asks Carly if she knows what it’s about. Carly can only think of the kiss. Tom calls Sally downstairs and asks what’s going on. Sally says she doesn’t want to be pregnant or get married, saying Steven told her you could pregnant from a kiss and Carly told her she’d have to get married. Tom and Carly seem unsure how to respond.

Bobby arrives back at the Diner and tells Ailsa that Sophie’s starting at four but she’s worried all her wages will end up in Al’s pocket and he’s set them up somehow. At the caravan, Sophie is horrified when Al tells her he wants to steal from the Diner: Work a couple of shifts to get the lay of the land then start taking small amounts by “accidentally” messing up what she charges. Sophie would rather have a normal job and earn the money honestly but Al grabs her painfully by the shoulder and tells her if she wants to stick with him she has to do what he says.

Guest Cast



Al Simpson has been out of jail for a year.

Continuity error: Sally states that Kim Patterson’s mother has had three babies, however over the years it is reveled that this family has four children: Alison, Mav, Skye and Kim Patterson. The father of these children, Tim (per #197) is the brother of Ralph Patterson, Vinnie’s father.

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