Episode 465

Australian Air Date: 2nd February 1990
UK Air Date: 29th November 1990
Writer: Mary Dagmar Davies
Director: Tina Butler

Sally reads up on the facts of life. Martin’s worst nightmare becomes a reality.

Extended Summary

Sophie arrives to start her job at the Diner and Bobby shows her what to do. Nervous Sophie suggests it would be better if she doesn’t handle the money but Bobby says that would be too complicated and Ailsa shows her the cash drawer.

At Summer Bay House, Tom assures Sally that you don’t get pregnant from kissing and asks what she was doing kissing this boy anyway. Sally explains that Peter Jenkins’ friend dared him to kiss a girl… and she was the nearest one! She thought it was horrible. Steven comes home and Sally tells Steven he was wrong about her having a baby.

Lance is asking Bobby and Ailsa at the Diner what he should do about Marilyn wanting his father to be at the wedding. Ailsa points out that Lance doesn’t even know where to start looking. Martin arrives and drags Lance away for their double date. As they walk home, Martin fantasizes about what Greta will look like. Lance asks what he’d do if a mate promised him a solid gold watch but it turned out to be fake. Martin asks what sort of mate would do that… he’d better think about leaving town.

Fisher and Bobby are making dinner and Fisher is angry about Bobby giving Sophie a job for Al to sponge off of her and stay in the Bay. He leaves to go for a walk.

As they set the table, Tom tells Steven he should have known better as Sally looks up to him. Carly says they’re both sorry. They sit down to dinner and Sally asks if babies aren’t made by kissing then how are they made? After dinner, Tom watches TV to avoid answering the question.

Fisher is at Al’s caravan, lecturing him about sending Sophie out to work. Al thinks Fisher is worried about Sophie spilling his secret to Bobby. Fisher wants Al to leave but he is staying put until he gets the rest of Fisher’s money.

At the mobile home, Martin is dressed in a suit for the date. Marilyn says it’s time to leave but Lance stalls by saying he needs to make a phone call about his old man and will meet them there. Martin and Marilyn leave.

Tom is struggling to explain the facts of life to Sally who wants to know how the baby gets inside the mother in the first place. Tom suggests she wait until Pippa gets home but Sally says Pippa told her she could ask Tom anything.

Lance is trying to write a note at the mobile home while Martin and Marilyn wait anxiously for Greta at the Diner. Marilyn goes to phone home in case she told Greta to meet them there by mistake. Greta arrives in an old fashioned dress and huge glasses. She tries to talk to Martin but he’s clearly not interested. Ailsa gives Sophie her pay and tips. Marilyn tells Martin and Greta they should go home and find out what’s happened to Lance.

Tom is still struggling to explain things to Sally. Carly hands him a facts of life book and Tom asks why she didn’t give him that earlier!

Martin and Marilyn arrive home and Marilyn tells Martin he’s being very rude to Greta who has been left in the car. Martin says Lance promised him a gold watch but gave him a cuckoo clock with a fat little bird! They find Lance’s note; he’s gone to search for his father. Martin thinks Lance is just scared of what he’ll do to him now he’s met Greta. Marilyn asks what’s wrong with Greta; she has a big heart. Martin says she has a great big body to carry it around in too. Marilyn punches Martin in the eye! Greta comes in and fusses over Martin. Marilyn tells him to get up and take them to dinner.

Sally is reading the book the next morning and tells Carly she wants a baby one day, just as soon as she finds a husband. Steven comes home from a run and Sally tells him he was very silly yesterday; he should read the book and might learn something!

Martin is nursing his black eye and telling Bobby about Greta at the Diner. Bobby asks why everything has to be about looks and tells Martin he’s going to have two black eyes in a minute. Martin returns home and trips over Greta’s bag. Marilyn announces she’s going to be staying for a while. Greta tells Martin they’ll be able to really get to know each other!

At the caravan, Sophie is getting ready to leave for work. Al tells her to just steal a little money at a time but Sophie says she likes Ailsa and Bobby and doesn’t want to rip them off. Al tells her they’re paying he peanuts; she’s only taking what she’s really owed. He wants to see cash tonight or there will be another black eye.

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