Episode 466

Australian Air Date: 5th February 1990
UK Air Date: 30th November 1990
Writer: Lyn Ogilvy
Director: Russell Webb

Steven gets serious about Viv. Fisher continues to be a major cause of concern for his family.

Extended Summary

At the Diner, Ailsa and Bobby have a minor argument about the cheese order and how they can’t find the invoice. Sophie arrives and they both notice her black eye. Sophie claims she bumped into the caravan door. Bobby doesn’t believe it and thinks Al has hit her. Later, Sophie takes a coffee order from Fisher. He notices her eye but she tells him it was an accident. Bobby approaches Fisher and tells him and Ailsa that they need to do something about Sophie being beaten. Fisher tells her they can’t act without evidence and she should leave it alone, while Ailsa agrees they shouldn’t jump to conclusions. Bobby insists she’s going to find out the truth.

Greta tells Martin and Marilyn she’s looking forward to the sun and surf but all her clothes are for the city. Marilyn offers to take her shopping and Greta heads into her room to get ready. Although he is polite and friendly towards Greta whenever she’s in the room, Martin makes it clear to Marilyn he’s not happy having her around, saying it’s too crowded and will be worse when Lance gets back, and also says he’s not interested in her. Marilyn retorts Greta might not be interested in him but when Greta asks Martin how he likes girls to wear their hair, Martin thinks his case is proven. Up at the house, Tom is checking the cupboards to see what they need to buy. Steven asks to borrow $50 but is evasive when Tom asks him what it’s for. When it’s clear Tom won’t lend him the money without knowing, Steven admits he wants to buy Viv a locket. Tom lends him the money.

Marilyn and Greta are out shopping in town and Marilyn points out a dress in a window that she thinks will look good on Greta. Greta worries that Martin isn’t happy with her staying, saying she really likes him. They bump into Steven, who is carrying a small package. He tells them it’s the locket and points out which one it is in a shop window. They both think Viv will love it. At the Diner, Viv is spending time with Emma before meeting Steven and arranges to meet up with her afterwards. Bobby tries to get Sophie to tell her how she got the black eye but Sophie says Al has changed since Bobby lived with him. They are interrupted by Al’s arrival. Sophie serves him but he doesn’t give her enough money for the meal. He tells her to pretend he’s given her $50 and give him the change. Sophie does and he tells her to come home with more than her wages. Steven arrives to pick up Viv.

Steven and Viv head to the caravan park house. Steven says there’s something he wants to ask her but they’re interrupted by Tom, who has returned with the groceries. He tells them they don’t have to go but they quickly beat a sharp exit and head round Fisher’s place. Viv agrees that they’re going steady now and Steven tells her there’s something he wants to do to make it official. He starts kissing her but Fisher comes in and tells Steven to get out. Viv follows him outside, where neither of them understand Fisher’s reaction. Viv can’t think of anywhere else they can be alone but Steven has an idea and heads off.

Martin and Marilyn are serving at the hot dog stand. Greta stops by in her new dress and tells them she’s going down the beach. Marilyn tries to get Martin to take her out, pointing out she won’t be in town long so he won’t have to worry about having a relationship, but Martin says he’s got a reputation to keep up and he can’t have people thinking he’d date someone like Greta. Marilyn tells him that if he does she’ll do the washing up, clean the bathroom for a week and not hit him again. Martin heads down the beach where Greta is walking by the sea, looking miserable. He seems reluctant to approach her and turns back at one point but Greta sees him and comes over to talk. Martin asks her to go out for a meal, just the two of them, and Greta is delighted.

At the Diner, Sophie says goodbye to Bobby. Bobby asks if she’s enjoying the job, thinking Sophie is glad to spend time away from Al. Sophie is horrified when Bobby offers to go with her to see Al and asks her not to say anything. Later, Viv is telling Bobby and Emma about how Fisher lost his temper with her and Steven. She can’t understand why he was angry and afterwards he acted like nothing had happened. Bobby agrees Fisher has been losing his temper a lot recently. After Viv and Emma have gone, Bobby talks to Ailsa. They both think Fisher’s behaviour has something to do with Al but they aren’t sure why. Ailsa offers to talk to him when she takes his groceries round.

Steven goes to see Matt at his flat, where Matt is about to go out for a surf. He asks if he can borrow the flat the following day so he and Viv can have some privacy. Matt is fine with it so long as they stay out of the bedroom. Steven assures him that’s not what he was going to do. Matt doesn’t seem to entirely believe him but says he’ll drop the keys round in the morning. At the mobile home, Greta is making plans for dinner. Marilyn tries to convince her that Martin is shy and inexperienced around girls and tells her not to be insulted if he doesn’t make a move on her. However, this just leaves Greta thinking that she and Martin have a lot in common.

Matt finds Sophie sitting on the beach and stops to chat to her but she makes a hasty retreat when he asks who hit her, saying no-one did. Nearby, Emma is telling Viv she thinks Steven wants to do more than just talk. When Matt tells them about Steven borrowing his flat and makes a joke about not doing anything he wouldn’t do, Emma feels vindicated. Sophie goes back to the caravan and gives Al her money. He’s annoyed she didn’t get more and accuses her of spending some. Sophie wants to leave Summer Bay because she isn’t happy stealing from Ailsa and Bobby. Al tells her they’re users who don’t pay her a decent wage and she’s only taking what she’s entitled to. He says they’ll leave as soon as he finishes with Fisher.

Ailsa arrives at Fisher’s place with the groceries. She tries to get him to invite her inside for a cup of tea but he rebuffs her offers, claiming to be busy. When Ailsa asks him what’s wrong, Fisher snaps that he doesn’t need her help and she should leave him alone. He heads back inside where he stands in the kitchen, looking at a loss as to what to do

Guest Cast



First appearance of Matt Wilson’s flat.

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