Episode 467

Australian Air Date: 6th February 1990
UK Air Date: 3rd December 1990
Writer: Lyn Ogilvy
Director: Russell Webb

Steven has a big surprise for Viv. Fisher finally reveals the reason for his strange behaviour.

Extended Summary

Emma is still trying to convince Viv that boys all want the same thing but Viv still thinks Steven is different. Viv arrives home as Steven calls and tells her he’s sorted a place where they can be alone tomorrow. He wants this to be something she’ll never forget.

At the mobile home, Greta has made a huge feast for her picnic with Martin. She confesses to Marilyn that she’s trying to impress him. She wonders what it would be like to be Marilyn with guys falling over when they look at her. Marilyn says it’s horrible feeling like a piece of meat. Greta says Marilyn’s been lucky with Lance; maybe she’ll be lucky this time with Martin.

Bobby is cooking dinner and Viv airs her concerns about Steven. Bobby doesn’t think Steven is like that and says of course Emma attracts that sort of attention. Viv tells her about Steven arranging to have Matt’s flat and asks what if she says no to Steven and he dumps her. Bobby says he wouldn’t be worth knowing.

Marilyn goes to bed and Martin asks Greta to get off the couch so he can make his bed. Greta tries to spend more time with him but Martin claims he wants to go to bed. After Greta eventually leaves the room, Martin turns the TV back on.

The following morning, Fisher tells Bobby he doesn’t appreciate her sending Ailsa to check up on him. Bobby says she didn’t but it’s obvious something has upset him and they have a row. Fisher wants his privacy and Bobby says he can have all the privacy he wants; from now on he’s on his own.

Al tells Sophie it’s because of the grog that he was hard on her last night. He says they’ll get out of here as soon as he gets the money from Fisher. Sophie tells him that ripping people off isn’t fun any more. She feels bad robbing from Ailsa and Bobby. Al tells her they don’t care about her and asks Sophie if he’s ever let her down. Sophie tells him what he wants to hear. Al says he’s planning to eat lunch at the Diner and Sophie leaves.

Martin arrives at the surf club and Matt teases him about Greta. Steven thinks she’s nice. Matt gives Steven the keys for his flat and Steven leaves. He unlocks the flat and starts clearing up Matt’s huge pile of dishes.

Ailsa arrives at the Diner and Bobby asks her what she said to make Fisher so angry. Sophie asks if she can work in the kitchen today, claiming people keep looking at her black eye. Viv is nervously waiting for Steven. He shows up and takes Viv back to Matt’s flat. Steven wonders why Viv is so jumpy. He wants to ask her something but Viv asks if they can have a coffee first.

Al is at the Diner accusing Ailsa of keeping Sophie in a sweatbox. Ailsa says it was Sophie’s choice because of her eye. Al says it will teach her to look where she’s going. Ailsa bluntly says Sophie doesn’t strike her as the clumsy type and Al tells her to keep her opinions to herself. Fisher apologises to Ailsa for losing his temper and Al reminds Fisher that time is running out for the money.

Steven asks Viv why she keeps pushing him away. Viv tells him she still wants to go out with him but just doesn’t want to… Steven asks why she doesn’t let him say what he’s trying to say. He hands her a present. It’s a pendant with “I love you” engraved on it. Viv tells Steven she loves him too and kisses him.

Bobby asks Sophie to help and serve Fisher his lunch. Sophie asks if she can talk to Fisher about her father but he bites her head off and tells her to get out of his sight. Sophie says she hopes he does get what her dad says he deserves. Fisher walks out and Ailsa goes after him. Outside, Ailsa tells Fisher he’s not going anywhere until he tells her the truth. Fisher says he’s being blackmailed by Al Simpson for something he did years ago. He killed a boy.

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