Episode 315

Australian Air Date: 26th May 1989
UK Air Date: 1st May 1990
Writer: Greg Stevens
Director: Julian McSwiney

Celia is suspicious when Fisher is unusually hospitable and Pippa and Tom are impressed by Carly’s maturity.

Extended Summary

Lance is upset at Martin since he will take Marilyn to the Macklin Development party. Lance say he won’t go to the party.

Martin tells Tom that Lance won’t come to the party.

Celia and Alf complain about Roo’s dress being too short and too revealing (the dress she will wear at the Macklin party). Celia tells Roo she will take the dress down a bit so it won’t be so short.

Marilyn talks to Lance on beach. She says she won’t go to the party with Martin if Lance don’t want her to go with Martin. Lance say it doesn’t matter anymore. Lance reckons she stuffed their relationship up when she let Martin “crack onto her”. She gets angry and say she will go to the party with Martin anyway and she say she will move into a motel!

Celia finds out that Andrew Foley lives at Fisher’s house and she is very surprised.

Martin explains to Roo why Lance is so angry with him.

Celia finds out by Roo that Andrew is an alcoholic. Roo say it is a secret and she can’t spread it around and Roo explain it was a long time ago since Andrew was an alcoholic.

Celia tells Tom and Pippa that Andrew is an alcoholic and they say they already know that.

Celia tells Andrew that she is concerned of him becoming the counsellor at the youth centre since he is an alcoholic. She say she knows the he is an alcoholic. He feels hurt.

Macklin Development business party starts. A lot of Japanese business people are there and a lot more people (Tom, Pippa, Martin, Frank, Marilyn, Alf, Ailsa, Roo, Celia, Stacey among others).

Stacey’s father phones Stacey and tells her he can’t come to the party. She is disappointed.

Carly wonders where Andrew is.

Andrew turns up dead drunk at the Macklin party and everyone is shocked! He dances with Celia a bit. She gets annoyed and says no and pushes him against the wall so he hit his head!

Ola Carlsson, 1999