Episode 314

Australian Air Date: 25th May 1989
UK Air Date: 30th April 1990
Writer: Greg Stevens
Director: Julian McSwiney

Fisher manages to outsmart Dodge and puts him in his place. Lance is shattered when he discovers Marilyn has a date for the cocktail party.

Final episode. Got his comuppance against Dodge.
Bazz’s mate and school thug.
Neil’s mate and school thug.

Extended Summary

Steven tells Dodge they can’t let Neil get away with what he and his friends did to Dodge (Dodge don’t tell Steven that it was actually he who hassled Neil in the first place).

Lance talks to Marilyn on the phone. They miss each other a lot.

Lance was invited to a Macklin Development business party. Tom told Martin that he has to watch Lance’s behaviour so he doesn’t stuff things up! Martin tries to talk Lance out of going to the party. Martin says it will be a boring party. Lance is determined to go to the party anyway.

Dodge hide his cigarettes when Tom walks in just so Tom won’t notice that he is smoking.

Steven and Dodge tell Neil on beach to give Dodge his money back (Dodge didn’t tell Steven the truth). Neil try to convince Steven that it is Dodge that tried to rip off Neil and not the other way around. Neil and three friends fight with Steven and Dodge on beach. Steven uses his karate skills.

Tom finds Dodge’s cigarettes. He speaks to Steven and Dodge about it. Dodge say he has stopped smoking and Tom throw the cigarettes in the trash can.

At night, Dodge sneaks down in kitchen and takes the cigarettes from the trash can.

Fisher find out that Steven did Dodge’s homework (an essay). Fisher is angry and Dodge apologises to him.

Marilyn visits Lance again. She will stay there for a while this time so she have taken a lot of clothes with her.

Lance is worried that Marilyn wants to have a “too serious” relationship with him and that she wants to marry him which he don’t want to (she said earlier she will look for work in Summer Bay and it seem she wants to move to Summer Bay).

Marilyn is learning French. Martin meets Marilyn and is stunned of her beauty. They talk a lot.

Steven shows Dodge how to use a word processor in school computers.

Lance apologises to Marilyn. He says it is ok if she wants to work in Summer Bay.

Marilyn tells Lance that she will go to the Macklin Development business party with Martin instead of with Lance!

Ola Carlsson, 1999