Episode 313

Australian Air Date: 24th May 1989
UK Air Date: 27th April 1990
Writer: Maureen Ann Moran
Director: Julian McSwiney

Bobby and Morag’s truce is short-lived and Celia’s heart is broken.

Final episode. Left Summer Bay after realising Celia’s friendship with him was becoming too close.

Extended Summary

Nigel talks to Ailsa about that Celia is in love with him and that he doesn’t feel that way about her.

Alf tell Roo that he will pay for Simon’s lawyer to get him a real good one.

Alf had planned to buy a new boat but can’t do that anymore since he will pay for Simon’s lawyer.

Nigel tells Celia that he will try a relationship with his ex-fiancé again (a lie to let Celia down a bit more gently). Celia is shocked and sad. Nigel thanks her for all she has done for him. They hug and say goodbye. When he have left Celia cry heaps. (Emotional music plays)

When Roo comes home, Celia acts a bit strange. (Sad music plays)

Bobby and Frank have another argument.

Nigel moves out of Morag’s house and will start working at another place.

Bobby finds out that Steven have been doing Dodge’s homework. Bobby won’t tell anyone about it but.

Dodge wants 5 dollars and a bit more for interest if he should give the calculator back to the guy he took it from earlier. The guy gives him the 5 bucks and will give the rest tomorrow. Dodge doesn’t give the calculator back today. The guy (Neil) gets upset and tries to hit Dodge but fails.

Celia sees Nigel at bus stop and say goodbye to him again. (Emotional music plays)

Bobby gives Morag her manuscripts back that Bobby, Roo and Frank had printed out. Bobby also tell Morag how selfish she is etc. Morag and Bobby argue and Morag nearly hit Bobby. Morag burn the manuscripts.

Neil gathers some friends to teach Dodge a lesson. Dodge is alone in school toilettes when Neil turn up with his friends. Dodge looks worried.

Morag tell Celia that Nigel lied about trying another relationship with his ex-fiancé. Alf and Ailsa know about it and Alf get very angry at Morag for saying that to Celia just to make her feel worse.

Steven finds Dodge beaten up in school toilets.

Morag is alone in her house and cries. (Emotional music plays)

Ola Carlsson, 1999