Episode 312

Australian Air Date: 23rd May 1989
UK Air Date: 26th April 1990
Writer: Maureen Ann Moran
Director: Julian McSwiney

Pippa chooses an unlikely confidante and Dodge gets a lucrative part-time job.

First episode. Was the object of Dodge’s demands for drugs in the school toilets.

Extended Summary

Carly shows all her friends the engagement ring she got from Andrew.

Matt doubts that Carly really wants to marry Andrew.

Celia talks to Roo about Nigel. Celia says she likes him.

Pippa is upset because she reckons Tom don’t have any time over for her. Pippa let it all out to Fisher and then apologises for that. Fisher understands.

Morag is upset since Roo don’t want anything to do with her.

Celia is getting to close to Nigel for his liking. It seems she is in love with him and he does not really feel that way about Celia.

Morag is over at Celia’s house to talk to Roo but Roo won’t talk to Morag. Morag tries to bribe her with getting the best lawyer for Simon etc but Roo isn’t interested and tell her to leave.

Celia talks to Roo. Roo is worried what will happen to Simon.

Steven is spending a lot of time with Dodge.

Sally wants to be bridesmaid at Carly and Andrew’s wedding. Carly is ok with that.

Tom comes home from his business trip one day earlier. He apologises to Pippa for spending so little time with her lately and he give her flowers.

Pippa and Tom talks about Carly being engaged to Andrew. Pippa don’t think she really wants to marry Andrew.

When Fisher have left his house and he notice he forgot the car keys inside he goes back into house and see Andrew trying to break into Fisher’s alcohol cabinet.

Fisher is upset due to what Andrew was trying to do but calms down after a while.

Nigel tells Morag that he will start working at another place instead of at her house. He says he needs his independence.

Dodge gives a guy (Neil) at school a hard time and threatens him. Dodge takes his calculator and will only give it back if he get money for it!

A new family photo featuring Dodge is being taken at Tom and Pippa’s house. Sally looks a bit annoyed and it seems it is because she doesn’t like Dodge. (Music plays)

Ola Carlsson, 1999