Episode 311

Australian Air Date: 22nd May 1989
UK Air Date: 25th April 1990
Writer: Elizabeth Coleman
Director: Julian McSwiney

An innocent discovery has horrible implications for a Summer Bay resident.

Macklin investor’s wife.
Macklin investor’s wife.
Macklin investor’s wife.

Extended Summary

Carly finds out that Andrew have been drinking again (Fisher phoned Pippa and told her what happened). Carly is surprised.

Martin is worried since Lance and Marilyn are missing.

Sally talks to Carly on beach. They have found Lance’s sailor hat on beach. It has been drifting to the beach from the water.

Pippa tell Carly that Lance and Marilyn is missing.

Martin sees Lance’s sailor hat and think that Lance have drowned. Sally hears it and get very emotionally upset.

Sally goes over to Lance’s place. She looks around the house and cries. (Emotional music plays)

Lance turns up at a road and is trying to hitchhike. Marilyn has taken a bus back to the city. The Japanese business people stops their van and Lance try to explain to them what happened. They have a flat tyre on the van and want him to help them to change it.

The Japanese people like Lance and they have a barbecue together! They catch fish and cook food together as well.

Lance explains to them about Summer Bay. They have fun and sing together. (Happy music plays)

Andrew apologises to Carly and wants them to talk to sort things out.

Frank and a Japanese girl are waiting for the people that Lance is spending time with. Frank and the girl are supposed to give them a sightseeing tour around Summer Bay.

Pippa is worried where Sally is and finds her crying at Lance’s place. Sally has been there all day and say she wants Lance back. (Emotional music plays)

Lance turns up at Frank’s office with the Japanese business people. Frank and Martin are angry with him but Martin is glad to see that he is alive. The Japanese people loved Lance and it seems they got a pretty good sightseeing tour of Summer Bay anyway.

Lance comes home. He surprises Sally as she is there and listens to Lance’s song ” Santa never stops in Summer Bay “. She is extremely happy to see him again.

Andrew and Carly talks alone at Fisher’s house. Andrew gives Carly an engagement ring. (Emotional music plays)

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