Episode 310

Australian Air Date: 19th May 1989
UK Air Date: 24th April 1990
Writer: Susan Hore
Director: Tina Butler

Fisher counsels a former colleague and Martin is blamed for Lance’s stupidity.

Thirty-third and final appearance, last seen in #307. Informed Alf that Lance’s stolen Macklin boat had been found capsized after running him aground.
Macklin investor left high and dry by Lance.
Macklin investor left high and dry by Lance.

Extended Summary

Martin suspects that Lance took the cruiser by mistake instead of the boat he had rented. Tom is upset and wonder what have happened to the cruiser.

Lance and Marilyn is out on sea with the luxury cruiser. Lance steers it. Marilyn is very excited. Maz find some prawns and other food in the boat as well.

Pippa tell Fisher that Andrew is an alcoholic. Pippa don’t think it is a good idea that she will marry him. Fisher understands what she means.

Carly talks to Stacey about Andrew.

Lance put Maz in charge of the boat. Alf is out on a small boat and is fishing. The big cruiser runs right into Alf’s boat! Maz and Lance doesn’t notice it. Alf is furious! (funny scene)

Alf tell Ailsa in Diner what happened. Martin hears it and understands it must have been Lance and Maz that ran into Alf’s boat.

Fisher tells Frank that he will ask Andrew to move into his house. Pippa think it is a good idea so Carly won’t be around Andrew all the time.

Lance starting to feel really sick out on the boat.

Martin explains to Frank that Lance took the wrong boat by mistake.

Fisher tell Andrew that he know about his drinking problem. Fisher asks Andrew if her wants to move into his house for a while. Andrew gets angry and feels like the whole town knows about his problem.

Martin and Frank tell Alf that it was Lance and Maz who crashed his boat with the big cruiser.

Andrew comes to Fisher’s house and is drunk. They talk to each other and sort it out.

Sally asks Carly what is wrong with Andrew. Carly explains to Sally.

Andrew accepts Fisher’s offer about him moving in at his house for a while.

Alf got a phone call from police. The police said the cruiser is found but no Maz or Lance!

Ola Carlsson, 1999