Episode 309

Australian Air Date: 18th May 1989
UK Air Date: 23rd April 1990
Writer: Susan Hore
Director: Tina Butler

Frank and Bobby finally meet the girl of Lance’s dreams.

First episode. Bubbly and ditzy girlfriend of Lance’s who moved from the city to stay with him. Became Morag’s housekeeper.
Boat captain for the ill-fated Macklin cruise.
First appearance. Interpreter for the Macklin cruise guests.

Extended Summary

Lance tells Martin that Marilyn will be visiting him in Summer Bay tomorrow.

Carly leave Andrew’s caravan to tell Pippa that Andrew is dead drunk in his caravan. Carly tells Pippa that Andrew is an alcoholic and that he is very drunk now. Pippa is shocked.

Pippa and Frank put Andrew in his bed in his caravan.

Martin reads Japanese. He is trying to learn the language.

At morning, Carly brings Andrew some coffee.

Andrew explains and apologises to Carly. He feels bad about what happened.

A group of Japanese business people turns up in Summer Bay. Martin and Tom welcome them to show them around Summer Bay and to interest them in Macklin Development.

Andrew explains to Carly that his father really loved him even though Andrew didn’t think so. He found it out in his father’s will.

Marilyn comes to Summer Bay to visit Lance. Lance and Marilyn goes to the Diner. Lance wears a shipmate’s hat. Everyone in Diner is a bit shocked that a girl like Marilyn wants to go out with a guy like Lance.

Lance has rented a boat for him and Maz to take a spin in.

Pippa and Carly talks about the risks with two alcoholics living together even though Carly have been clean for about two months.

Marilyn talks to Lance and Frank in the Diner. She talks very much.

Lance shows Maz the boat he has rented. She is stunned since it is a big luxury boat.

Andrew has bought another bottle of alcohol.

Tom and Martin can’t see their cruiser they have rented to show the Japanese business people around now. The boat captain tells Tom it is stolen so it seems as if Lance took the wrong boat by mistake!

Ola Carlsson, 1999