Episode 308

Australian Air Date: 17th May 1989
UK Air Date: 20th April 1990
Writer: Mary Dagmar Davies
Director: Tina Butler

A surprise attacker interrupts Steven and Stacey’s solitude on the beach.

Third appearance (voice only), last seen in #302. Left a note in his will for Andrew.

Extended Summary

Roo is very depressed since Simon has left Summer Bay.

Sally says she doesn’t like Dodge and she is taking her time to get to school.

Andrew Foley decides with persuasion from Stacey and Carly to go to his father’s funeral anyway. He does it mainly to get the money in his will and will use the money to support the youth centre.

Tom is away on business trip and Sally misses him a lot.

Stacey sits at beach and is thinking of Phil. Some guys are down at beach surfing too. Steven sees Stacey and talks to her. (Emotional music plays)

Roo and Ailsa see Steven practise karate on beach. Roo is upset and yell at him that Simon didn’t burn down Celia’s store.

Sally holds a big teddy bear and is excited about that Andrew will be a millionaire after he have been to his father’s funeral.

Steven is thinking of what Roo said to him about Simon on beach.

Andrew have been at his father’s funeral and received his father’s will. Sally asks how much money he got. He says it was much more than he expected.

Andrew asks Carly to marry him. She says yes. Sally is very excited about it and Andrew and Carly is also very excited.

Andrew reads his father’s will. His father has written a lot of excuses in it too since Andrew couldn’t stand his father. (Emotional music)

Andrew got emotionally upset over it and goes out to his caravan and drinks alcohol.

Pippa talks to Tom on phone.

Carly finds Andrew dead drunk in his caravan. He tells her that he is an alcoholic but he hasn’t touched a drink until now for 5 years. Carly try to stop him drinking any more but he won’t stop until the bottle is empty! (music plays)

Ola Carlsson, 1999