Episode 307

Australian Air Date: 16th May 1989
UK Air Date: 19th April 1990
Writer: Ray Harding
Director: Tina Butler

Dodge manages to elicit Fisher’s sympathy and Roo is startled by the contents of a letter she receives.

Thirty-second appearance, last seen in #306. Released Simon on bail for the attempted arson.
Final episode. Ran away after failing to convince the townfolk of his innocence.
Released Simon on bail for the attempted arson.

Extended Summary

Steven is curious how things will work out for Simon since Barnett found his chain in Morag’s house.

Alf tell Roo that Simon have been arrested for attempt to set Morag’s house on fire. Roo say it must be a mistake. Alf tell her about his necklace that Barnett found in Morag’s house. Roo says that Simon has been looking for it for days.

Alf and Roo tell Barnett about that. Barnett say things look bad for Simon anyway and that Roo will get a chance to her say later on in court.

Alf and Roo drive to courthouse to stand up for Simon in court. Alf bails Simon out. Simon is very grateful to Alf.

Fisher has offered Dodge earlier to take extra classes to catch up on schoolwork. Dodge accepts Fisher’s offer to be in better light and not automatically being accused of bad things that happens since Dodge have reputation for being a rebel and a bad boy.

Simon will be living with Alf and Ailsa for the time being.

Steven doesn’t feel too good even though Simon got arrested earlier.

Fisher gives Dodge night classes in Dodge and Steven’s room in Tom and Pippa’s house.

Roo finds a letter that Simon has put at Celia’s front door. Simon has left Summer Bay again since he couldn’t face to end up in jail again if he didn’t get proved innocent.

Ola Carlsson, 1999