Episode 306

Australian Air Date: 15th May 1989
UK Air Date: 18th April 1990
Writer: Ray Harding
Director: Tina Butler

Roo accuses Morag of having another scheme up her sleeve. Steven has second thoughts about his plan to incriminate Simon.

Thirty-first appearance, last seen in #294. Investigated the attempted arson at Morag’s mansion.

Extended Summary

Steven and Dodge’s plan to frame Simon is that Steven will go to the cinema and pretend that Dodge is with him to get an alibi. While Steven is at cinema, Dodge will set Morag’s house on fire and leave Simon’s necklace in the house so that Simon will get suspected for setting her house on fire.

Morag is worried that Roo will get her manuscripts out in public. Morag is concerned since they contain secret information about celebrity people. Morag don’t want Roo to hand them out in public.

Dodge phones the Diner to speak to Simon. Dodge fakes his voice so Simon will think it is another person. Dodge tell Simon that he have to meet a guy at beach at 9 o’clock if he wants to get off the hook for being accused for the burning of Celia’s store. Simon leaves the Diner for a while.

Dodge and Steven tell Pippa that they will go to cinema together. They go to cinema so it will be a real alibi when Dodge will set Morag’s house on fire.

Roo comes to Diner to see Simon. Bobby tells her that he is out for a while.

Dodge leaves the theatre when the movie begins.

Dodge sneaks into Morag’s house in darkness.

Celia tells Nigel about Les (the guy that Celia was engaged too) and his death.

Dodge pour gasoline all over Morag’s living room and when he is about to set it on fire Steven turns up at her house. Dodge got frightened. Steven says he has changed his mind about Dodge setting Morag’s house on fire. They leave the house and Dodge throw Simon’s necklace into Morag’s house.

Simon comes back to the Diner and explains to Roo and Bobby about the mystery phone call he got in the Diner and that he waited at beach at 9 o’clock but no person turned up.

Nigel and Morag notice that it is a lot of gasoline in Morag’s living room and that the house has been broken into. Nigel calls police and Bob Barnett comes over to check things out.

Dodge and Steven come home. Pippa smells gasoline from Dodge’s clothes and Dodge comes up with a lie that they helped a person with car trouble at the road on their way home from cinema.

Barnett find Simon’s necklace in Morag’s house. He asks Morag about it.

Barnett questions Simon about the necklace and he tell Simon that he have to come with him to the police station. Simon is puzzled and doesn’t understand why.

Ola Carlsson, 1999