Episode 305

Australian Air Date: 12th May 1989
UK Air Date: 17th April 1990
Writer: Neil Luxmoore
Director: Gaye Arnold

Fisher makes Dodge an offer he cannot refuse and Morag is alarmed by Roo’s threats.

Extended Summary

Celia is upset and talks to Nigel about that the insurance person thought that she might have burnt down the store herself.

At night, Steven had a nightmare about that he set a house on fire with Stacey locked inside. Steven screams in sleep and Dodge wakes him up.

Steven and Dodge plan their set-up plan to frame Simon since Steven is convinced that Simon burnt down the store. Steven has doubts about doing it but Dodge talks him into it.

Stacey helps Celia with the insurance of the store. Stacey helps Celia with calculations of the insurance.

Steven and Dodge phone Morag’s house to check if it is empty and then they will put their plan in action.

Roo threatens Morag that she will give the manuscripts of Morag’s book out in public and to the newspapers if she don’t leave Roo, Celia and Simon alone. Morag think she is bluffing about that she still has the manuscripts but seem worried in case Roo really have copies of the manuscripts.

Ola Carlsson, 1999