Episode 304

Australian Air Date: 11th May 1989
UK Air Date: 16th April 1990
Writer: Neil Luxmoore
Director: Gaye Arnold

Someone insinuates that Celia may have been involved in criminal activity.

Insurance assessor who checked up on Celia’s insurance claim.

Extended Summary

Dodge is acting very arrogant in Tom and Pippa’s house. Sally doesn’t like him being a new foster kid in their house.

A mystery guy turns up in the caravan park and is asking people questions about Celia’s store that was burnt down. He makes notes on everything he hears about it.

Simon starts working in Alf’s store.

Pippa is worried since she found out that Dodge didn’t go to school today.

Dodge is at beach drinking beer instead!

Dodge makes Steven fight with Simon. They fight at the beach. Dodge steals Simon’s necklace.

The mystery guy goes around all of Summer Bay and is asking people questions about Summer Bay etc.

Dodge look at family photos in Fletchers house. (Music plays)

The mystery guy turns out to be an insurance person. He speaks to Celia and think it is a bit strange that she demanded 500 000 dollars for the insurance of her store when he heard it was valued for about 250 000 only. He say he have to investigate it further. He suspects the possibility that Celia could have burnt the store down herself just to get money from the insurance.

Dodge and Steven come up with an idea to set Simon up with another crime so he would get framed for burning Celia’s store as well. Dodge say that if something happened to Morag’s house it will be a good possibility that the police might suspect Simon.

Ola Carlsson, 1999