Episode 303

Australian Air Date: 10th May 1989
UK Air Date: 13th April 1990
Writer: Carla Kettner
Director: Gaye Arnold

Ailsa reminds Alf about her criminal past and Pippa makes a confession.

Return episode, last seen in #293. Was fostered in by the Fletchers, not realising his true connection to Philip’s death.
Return episode, last seen in #299. Returned to Roo’s arms amidst claims that he had caused the Hogan Store fire.
First appearance. DOCS worker who delivered Dodge to the Fletchers.

Extended Summary

Simon comes to Roo’s office and surprises her and gives flowers to her.

Alf doubts about giving Simon a job in his store even though he promised Simon earlier.

Celia has put up groceries to sell in Alf’s store and he hates the idea and is angry about it. Celia won’t change her mind.

Roo is angry with Alf since he won’t give Simon a job in his store.

Pippa and Tom argue about having another foster kid or not. Pippa wants to foster another one but Tom is in doubt.

Pippa tell Miss Moiloy that they will take the foster kid even though Tom hasn’t said yes yet!

Steven tells Andrew Foley to go to his father’s funeral but Andrew won’t.

Alf tell Simon that he can work in his store anyway. Simon is happy.

Steven starts a fight with Simon in the Diner. Alf breaks it up and tell Steven to leave Simon alone.

Tom get angry when he find out Pippa said yes to taking on another foster kid without his permission. Tom and Pippa argue about it.

The new foster kid arrives at their house. Everyone is shocked when they see it is Brian “Dodge” Forbes!

Ola Carlsson, 1999