Episode 302

Australian Air Date: 9th May 1989
UK Air Date: 12th April 1990
Writer: Anne Brooksbank
Director: Gaye Arnold

Roo doesn’t believe Morag’s concern for her safety is genuine.

Second appearance, last seen in #297. Died off-screen following his failed attempts to make peace with his son.
Second appearance, last seen in #297. Tended to Mr. Foley during Andrew’s verbal attack at him at the hospital.

Extended Summary

Morag offers Roo a trip to Europe. She gets angry because she thinks it is just a plan from Morag to make Roo get over Simon.

Bobby and Frank read through Morag’s manuscripts. Bobby finds it interesting.

Bobby tell Frank that she will keep Morag’s disks with the manuscript for a while to make Morag sweat a bit!

Morag try to persuade Roo to take that trip to Europe. Roo is determined not to go to Europe.

Roo tell Morag that she will move out of her house.

Simon phones to Morag’s house to speak to Roo. Morag say she doesn’t live there anymore (with tears in her eyes). Morag is emotionally upset of Roo leaving her house.

Simon speaks to Roo on phone. Roo is at Celia’s house. Simon will be coming to Summer Bay again.

Andrew talks to his father at his father’s home. Andrew is angry and tells his father to leave Carly and him alone. Andrew doesn’t want anything to do with his father.

Bobby gives the disks back to Morag but plays it out for a little while to make Morag get worried. Morag have to ask politely for them. Bobby says that Morag owes her a favour now.

Bobby and Frank have kept the manuscripts anyway! They’ve printed it out and Roo is in on it too.

Andrew find out that his father have died now. Hospital phoned Andrew at the Fletchers house.

Ola Carlsson, 1999