Episode 301

Australian Air Date: 8th May 1989
UK Air Date: 11th April 1990
Writer: Anne Brooksbank
Director: Gaye Arnold

Fisher tells Celia she is the laughing stock of Summer Bay and Bobby discovers she has a weapon to use against Morag.

Second appearance, last seen in #235. Agreed with Sally that Simon had burnt down Hogan’s Store.
Busted Morag’s burglar.
Robbed Morag.

Extended Summary

Nigel phones the police. Morag noticed that the person who did the break in drove off in a green car. Morag notices that her computer disks with the manuscript of her book have been stolen.

Lance and Martin have been partying in the city. Lance is a bit drunk so Martin drives Lance’s car even though Martin’s arm is broken!

Another car drives really fast and nearly crashed with Lance’s car. Martin stops the car and the driver in the other car stops as well. A police comes by to check it out. The other driver who nearly crashed with Lance’s car throws a bag into the forest for some reason. The police hear on the radio that there has been a break-in and that the person responsible had a green car. The person gets worried and tries to steal Lance’s car but the police stop him and arrest him.

Sally is using a computer in Macklin Developments new office. Frank wants her to use the school computer instead.

Police phones Nigel. Nigel tell Morag that police have caught the thief but that they haven’t found the computer disks.

Sally and Kim Patterson find the computer disks and a necklace in the forest when the man threw the bag. Sally takes the disks.

Morag offers Lance and Martin a reward if they show her where the thief stopped his car when he nearly crashed into Lance’s car. Morag is very interested to find her disks with the manuscript for her book.

Lance shows her the spot in the forest but he can’t find the disks. But he finds a lot of other stuff that the man stole from Morag.

Morag walks to the spot to see for herself. She stumbles around on her way down to the spot.

Tom’s new office is being prepared where Tom will be manager.

Nigel and Celia decide to pretend (just for fun) that they are an item just because most people seem to think so.

A mystery caller phones Morag and threatens her that he will get her manuscripts out in public.

Sally comes to Bobby and wants her to play computer games with her in Frank’s office. She says ok and Frank is ok with that as long as they will stop using the computer when Frank needs the computer. Sally has the disks she found in the forest with her.

Bobby and Sally check the disks and find out that there aren’t any games on them.

Sally gives up and leaves.

Bobby finds out that it is Morag’s manuscript on the disks. She shows it to Frank.

Ola Carlsson, 1999

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