Episode 316

Australian Air Date: 29th May 1989
UK Air Date: 2nd May 1990
Writer: Mary Dagmar Davies
Director: Chris Sheil

Martin’s new love affair is shortlived and Carly agonises over an important decision.

Second appearance, last seen in #309. Admired Martin’s business prowess, much to Tom’s frustration.

Extended Summary

Carly is still worried about where Andrew is. Bobby comes in and tells her that Andrew is drunk at Macklin Development party.

Andrew tries to drink even more at the party but Tom get very angry with him. Andrew hit Tom in the face after a while. Everyone at party is upset over Andrew’s behaviour.

Stacey brings Andrew home to Fisher’s house. Fisher is shocked when he see that Andrew is drunk again. Fisher and Stacey find out that Andrew drank of Fisher’s alcohol earlier and destroyed a luxury bottle holder that Fisher got as a reward from school in the past. Fisher is upset over it.

Lance and Marilyn get back together again and have sorted their differences out. Marilyn asks him if she talks too much all the time (which she does!).

Andrew doesn’t remember that he was at the party or destroying the bottle holder.

Andrew drives to Tom and Pippa’s house. Carly hides outside the house. (Emotional music plays)

He apologises to Tom and Pippa. He says he doesn’t remember anything about what happened. Tom tells Andrew that he hit Tom. Andrew is embarrassed and feels very bad about what happened.

Tom and Pippa tell Andrew that he can’t see Carly anymore until he has sorted out his drinking problem.

Tom wants to fire Martin since his trial period is over from the Macklin Development office.

Fisher gives Carly a letter from Andrew. She reads it. Andrew say in the letter that he is very sorry over what happened and that he will go away for a while. (Emotional music plays)

Martin talked to the Japanese business people and fixed the contract that Tom was interested in to get from them. The Japanese business people have signed the contract. Tom is very grateful to Martin. Martin told the Japanese that he would like to get fired by Tom for almost stuffing the contract deal up but the Japanese people won’t let Martin get fired.

Celia reckons that Andrew shouldn’t run the youth centre due to his drinking problem and he agree with her.

Carly talks to Andrew when he is about to leave Summer Bay. They say goodbye and Andrew takes back the engagement ring and he say he will give it back when he have sorted his life out. (Emotional music plays)

Ola Carlsson, 1999

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