Episode 317

Australian Air Date: 30th May 1989
UK Air Date: 3rd May 1990
Writer: Bruce Hancock
Director: Chris Sheil

Martin is promoted to an executive position and Dodge manages to persuade Steven to lie to Pippa and Tom.

Was hassled by Dodge into paying up $5.

Extended Summary

The Fletchers eat breakfast. Dodge is in a hurry. He wants to get a job to deliver newspapers.

Tom offers Carly a job in Macklin Development when she has finished her HSC.

Tom and Pippa are worried since Steven still seems very depressed about Phil’s death.

Tom can’t fire Martin and tell him he will be in charge of bus driving and transportation in the Macklin Development instead of his usual position. Martin think he was promoted to a better position in the company (Tom told him he will be “executive officer in charge of personal movement and transport co-ordination” to make it seem better).

Martin talks to Roo about his promotion in the Macklin Development.

Dodge threatens another guy at school. Dodge wants 5 dollars from him tomorrow.

Alf wants Lance to pay for a new boat to him since Marilyn and Lance wrecked his other boat earlier with the cruiser they were out on. Lance says ok to buy Alf a new boat.

Lance asks Alf to hire Marilyn to work in his store. Alf say no.

Tom offers Alf to pay half of the boat that he wants to buy so both of them will own the boat. Alf think it is a good idea. Tom tells Alf it would do him good to get out on fishing trips to relax from the heavy workload at the Macklin office.

Lance is still angry with Martin because he tried to steal Marilyn from him. Lance tells Martin he can pack his things and move out of Lance’s place.

Steven shows Dodge how to use Fletchers computer and how to use spelling corrections in the word processor. Dodge will use it to do better in his schoolwork.

Dodge sits at the kitchen table with the computer when Sally wants to set the table for dinner and he is in the way. Sally gets angry and say she doesn’t like him.

The Fletchers have a barbecue outside in garden.

Fisher find out that Dodge used spelling corrections with word processor on his school assignment. He isn’t impressed.

Dodge threatens the school kid to give him the 5 bucks or do school work for him instead!

Tom reckons Dodge is acting very good and get on well with the family even though Tom had his doubts in the beginning.

Dodge wants to go to the city with Steven. They will tell Tom and Pippa that they will go camping but go to the city instead to have fun and party instead. Steven thinks it sounds ok and is in on the idea.

Ola Carlsson, 1999

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