Episode 318

Australian Air Date: 31st May 1989
UK Air Date: 4th May 1990
Writer: Bruce Hancock
Director: Chris Sheil

Steven and Dodge go to the city and Ailsa helps Celia get some problems off her chest.

Morag’s short-lived cleaning lady who quit after tiring of her bitchiness.
Friend of Dodge’s who he caught up with in the city.
City policeman known to Dodge, who questioned his presence in the city.
Agreed to let Dodge and Steven into a strip-club after being bribed.

Extended Summary

Dodge and Steven have told Tom and Pippa that they will go camping. Pippa have her doubts about it but Tom thinks it is OK. Pippa say OK after a while and Steven and Dodge can go camping (but they will actually go to the city to party and have fun instead!).

Tom drops Dodge and Steven off at highway and they will start their camping trip.

When Tom drives home, Dodge and Steven takes bus to the city after they have hidden their camping gear.

They take in on a hotel. Steven wonders where Dodge will get money from since Steven doesn’t have that much money. Dodge tells him to relax.

A policeman sees Dodge and Steven. The policeman knows Dodge and asks him if he will do something illegal again. Dodge say he have changed and aren’t no longer criminal.

Dodge bribes a bouncer to a strip club to let them in and Dodge and Steven go inside to check out the action.

Celia got a letter from Nigel where he is explaining why he lied about getting back with his ex-fianc

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