Episode 319

Australian Air Date: 1st June 1989
UK Air Date: 7th May 1990
Writer: Greg Haddrick
Director: Chris Sheil

Morag fails in her attempt to make friends and Frank deeply offends Bobby.

Extended Summary

Steven and Dodge drive in the stolen car and a police car comes from other direction. Police drive past them. It seem as if the car isn’t reported stolen yet. Steven is extremely worried.

Sally and Tom are on their way to pick up Steven and Dodge out in the bush at 7 o’clock.

Dodge and Steven hurries in the car to the spot where Tom will pick them up and they have to pick up the camping gear before Tom arrives too. They come to the spot just as Tom arrives. Steven and Dodge run a bit into the forest and pick up the camping gear and put some dirt on their clothes and faces so it will look as if they’ve been out camping.

Tom notice the deserted car and think it is strange it is standing in that spot. Then Dodge and Steven turn up where Tom and Sally are waiting for them. Steven and Dodge act innocent and Dodge play puzzled and wonder who owns the car across the road (the car he stole).

When they come home Tom phones Bob Barnett and explain to him about the deserted car. Barnett think it must have been stolen and dumped.

Sally wants to sleep in a tent in the Fletchers garden. When she is about to put up the tent she notice the tent pegs are gone. Dodge and Steven lies and say they must have left them in the woods by mistake when they packed down the tent! Sally is disappointed since she was looking forward to sleeping in the tent tonight.

Morag is feeling lonely and invite Alf over for dinner. He say no. Then she asks Fisher but he is too busy. Later she ask Pippa and she say yes if Tom wants to come.

Tom says no to dinner at Morag’s place.

Morag phones more people to invite them over for dinner but none wants to come so she will have to have dinner by herself instead!

Fisher talks to Bobby about Morag. He says Morag is very depressed and down. Bobby doesn’t believe him at first but see it differently after a while. They have a long talk about it. (Classical music plays in background)

Tom tells Sally, Dodge and Steven that a millionaire investor in the Macklin company will be at dinner at Tom and Pippa’s house tonight. Tom offers them money to go out on a movie so they won’t be in the house when the person arrives since Tom is worried and wants everything to work out perfectly. Sally is disappointed but get happier when Pippa say she can spend the night with her friend Kim Patterson at her house.

Bobby think about what Fisher said to her about Morag. Bobby feels a bit sorry for her and wants to help her. Ailsa don’t think it is a good idea but Bobby goes over to Morag’s house.

Bobby finds Morag lying on floor next to her sofa. Morag is unconscious.

Ola Carlsson, 1999

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