Episode 320

Australian Air Date: 2nd June 1989
UK Air Date: 8th May 1990
Writer: Greg Haddrick
Director: Chris Sheil

Marilyn’s first night at the diner is a fiasco and Bobby goes berserk at the dinner table.

First appearance. Claire’s husband. Wealthy Macklin investor who attended a party at the Fletcher house. Was put off by Bobby’s performance at the dinner party.
Peter’s wife. Wealthy Macklin investor who attended a party at the Fletcher house.
Bobby calls an ambulance for Morag and then phones Ailsa and explains what have happened.

Extended Summary

Morag wakes up and is angry with Bobby and screams to her to get out of the house!

Stacey has made a nice necklace for Pippa.

Bobby and Frank are angry at each other. Frank is worried she might embarrass him tonight during dinner with the millionaire Macklin company investor at Tom and Pippa’s house. Bobby talks to Ailsa about the argument with Frank.

Stacey talks to Andrew Foley in the city. He asks her to start up the youth centre. She agrees to it after a bit of persuasion.

Frank and Bobby make up and they kiss in Frank’s office.

Lance asks Ailsa if Marilyn could get a job in the Diner. She says she and Bobby can’t afford to hire someone else into the Diner.

Then Lance come up with an idea. He says he will give them the money needed for Bobby and Ailsa to hire Marilyn in the Diner!

They are very surprised! (Funny scene)

Pippa is cooking for the important dinner tonight.

Martin phones Stacey and asks her for details about the big Macklin investor that will have dinner at Tom and Pippa’s house tonight.

Frank and Bobby get dressed up to go to the important dinner.

Fletcher kitchen is being set up for the big dinner tonight. (Music plays)

The Macklin investor (Peter Bedford) and his wife (Clair Bedford) have arrived and have dinner with Tom, Pippa, Frank and Bobby. Peter is very classy and feels a bit disappointed when he find out that Frank didn’t go to a university during his school education.

Marilyn does now have a job in the Diner and she has started working. She enjoys it and talks heaps to the customers.

Marilyn accidentally drops some plates in the Diner!

Martin turns up during dinner at Tom and Pippa’s house. Martin tries to impress the investor and show him that he is a good worker and businessman! Martin got some answers from Stacey earlier so he will know what Peter is interested in etc.

Martin asks Tom to sign some papers.

Martin knows an English poem that Peter is talking about and Peter are impressed with Martin.

Martin leave Tom and Pippa’s house after a while and Tom are very relieved about that.

Morag have been in hospital for a check up and are back in her house. Ailsa comes by and keeps her company. Morag rejects it at first but are grateful after a while.

Bobby is tired of Peter talking about how everything important lies in the upbringing of a kid and he talks about class and style etc during the dinner at Tom and Pippa’s house.

Bobby explains she had always been rejected by her parents but means that it is what you want to achieve by yourself that counts and that can take you somewhere in life.

Tom looks worried when she said that since he doesn’t know how Peter will take it.

Ola Carlsson, 1999

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