Episode 296

Australian Air Date: 1st May 1989
UK Air Date: 4th April 1990
Writer: Greg Haddrick
Director: Chris Sheil

Steven recovers from a nightmare and Frank has a showdown with Mr. Fisher.

> Steven’s father was Brett Matheson.

Extended Summary

Andrew finds Steven on beach. Steven is crying. He explains to Andrew that Phil is dead.

Frank is depressed due to Phil’s death and also because of that he and Bobby have lost their home and all belongings. Bobby says that she is very happy that she still has Frank. (Emotional music)

Martin has been to a doctor due to Steven’s karate moves on him. His arm is broken.

Steven is at home and he is lying in his bed. He is still very emotionally upset over Phil’s death.

Steven comes down to eat something. He is still in a great deal of shock.

Frank and Bobby decide to be living in Neville and Floss’ old van for a while. Carly and Pippa have fixed it up for them.

Steven goes to sleep. He dreams of Phil. (Footage is shown from earlier episodes). After a while the dream turns into a nightmare. In the dream Steven see Tom and Pippa as his real parents the night they died. He sees them getting burnt inside their house. Steven wakes up and crashes his bedroom window. Pippa comes into Steven’s room and see it. Steven’s hand is bleeding.

Steven won’t talk about the fire and what happened to Phil. Stacey goes up to his room. They hug and talk about Phil. (Emotional music)

Steven phones Martin and apologises for hitting him earlier.

Fisher invites Bobby and Frank for dinner. Frank gets angry and takes the thing wrong. He think everyone should stop treating him and Bobby like charity cases just because the lost their home.

Ola Carlsson, 1999

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