Episode 297

Australian Air Date: 2nd May 1989
UK Air Date: 5th April 1990
Writer: Alister Webb
Director: Chris Sheil

The Fletchers receive an unexpected visitor and Celia makes a silly suggestion.

First appearance. Andrew’s father. Wealthy businessman who had neglected Andrew during his upbringing. Tried to make amends with his son whilst suffering a terminal illness.
First appearance. Tended to an ill Andrew Foley Snr.

> Andrew’s mother was Julia Foley. She died 10 years ago.

Extended Summary

Bobby gets upset over Frank’s behaviour when Fisher invited them over for dinner. They start arguing again.

Bobby goes to dinner at Fisher’s house without Frank. They eat lasagne.

Frank comes over to Fisher’s house anyway after a while.

Andrew’s father turn up in a limousine at the Fletchers house. He wants to speak to Carly.

Andrew’s father (Andrew Foley senior) is sick and has a hard time to breathe sometimes. He explains to Carly about his wife’s death. Andrew blames his father for it and hasn’t spoken to him since. Andrew Foley senior wants Carly to help him to be able to speak to his son again since he is dying.

Carly phones Andrew Foley and says that Steven is acting strange and is asking for Andrew. (It is a lie from Carly to get Andrew to come over to the house to speak to his father).

Andrew comes over to the house and sees his father. Andrew gets angry and he won’t forgive his father.

Carly tells Andrew that his father is dying and wants to make up. Andrew won’t hear of it.

Frank swallows his pride and asks Fisher if he and Bobby can move into his house for the time being (which is what Bobby and Fisher want). Fisher is happy and will let them live there.

Carly visit Andrew’s father at his home and say she is sorry she couldn’t help. Then he asks Carly to try to persuade Andrew to at least go to his funeral after he has died. And he explains that he is very rich so it would mean a lot of money for Andrew in the will.

Ola Carlsson, 1999

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