Episode 298

Australian Air Date: 3rd May 1989
UK Air Date: 6th April 1990
Writer: Alister Webb
Director: Chris Sheil

Stacey makes a sudden decision and skeletons from Simon’s past are revealed.

> Phil’s funeral is in this episode.

Extended Summary

Morag told Roo that Simon has been in jail for armed robbery and for bashing a guy senseless during the robbery. Roo hangs out with Simon anyway and reckon it won’t ever happen again.

Steven doesn’t want to go to Phil’s funeral.

Funeral starts. Frank, Bobby, Tom, Pippa, Carly and Stacey are there as well as more people.

Andrew is still very determined not to have anything to do with his father.

Steven is at home in his room and is thinking of Phil and he cries. He has a hard time. (Emotional music plays)

Steven decides to go to funeral anyway and he turns up for it.

After funeral the people at the funeral gather in the Fletchers house. A lot of people are there.

Andrew tells Carly that he will move out of Morag’s house.

Carly offers him to live in a caravan in the caravan park. He thinks it is a good idea.

Stacey have made up with her father Gordon Macklin.

Tom and Pippa think about having another foster child but are unsure.

Roo tell Morag that she is convinced that Simon has changed and is a much better person now. Morag doesn’t agree and try to convince Roo that Simon is still a bad guy.

Steven tells Frank he will find out who set the store on fire and get even for Phil.

Ola Carlsson, 1999

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